Why Should You Renew Your Arcserve Maintenance?


Technology and regulations are constantly changing, and requirements for how you use and store data are becoming increasingly more strict. In order to avoid harm to your business, it's imperative that you stay up-to-date on inefficiencies from legacy technologies, noncompliance penalties, regulations, and more. And, Arcserve maintenance can help.

How so?

Your Arcserve maintenance renewal means you'll have the full support of Arcserve technical and sales specialists. Most importantly, you'll have access to our feature updates; updates we continuously innovate to ensure your solutions keep pace with evolving technology and regulatory compliance laws.

Arcserve maintenance entitles you to:

  • Free, readily available access to our latest releases, patches, and updates
  • Access to our technical support team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via phone, live chat, online support desk, or mail
  • Actively manage your licensing, cross grade, or upgrade to different products in our UDP suite
  • Keep your Arcserve solution compatible with the latest operating system releases
  • Support the newest integrations/plugins into global hardware vendors and public cloud vendors

Get access to Arcserve software

Here at Arcserve, we've got our fingers on the technology pulse. We ensure you're keeping pace with technology trends and taking advantage of the benefits our software delivers.

Major Releases

These are fully packed with great new technology and features, helping you better protect your business from data loss and downtime.


We don’t just wait for major releases; we constantly enhance our software between major releases, ensuring your Arcserve installations deliver optimum performance.

Hotfixes & Patches

Hotfixes and patches allow our support team to proactively address potential vulnerabilities, as well as align our software with other major vendors who might be experiencing an issue on a new update or release. (For example, a security exploit in a new OS update or Hardware Firmware bug.)

Exceptional 24/7/365 Support

Our technical support specialists are always here to offer support and advice. Driven by service-level objectives, we ensure critical issues are dealt with in a timely, professional manner to mitigate impact to your business. In our experience, support issues are often related to infrastructure, not Arcserve. Regardless, a certified engineer will attend to your matter.

What support are you entitled to under Arcserve maintenance?

Zendesk Support Desk Access

Unique, individual access to our support desk enables you to update, manage, and track your ongoing support queries.

Telephonic Support

24/7 access to our local geographic support ensures you can speak to a certified Arcserve specialist regarding an issue or when you're just looking for some advice.

Online Live Chat

Don’t have access to a phone or email? Or, perhaps you just need to ask a quick question? You'll have access to our live support chat for rapid, professional responses to your support query. Note: A chat can be converted into a support case, if necessary.

Knowledge-Base Articles (Arcserve Bookshelf)

Receive easy-to-follow ‘how to’ documents. Search known issues documented in our knowledge base or Arcserve bookshelf. Regardless, we have an extensive information portal for those who would like to DIY.

License Management Through Arcserve User Licensing Portal

The Arcserve AERP Licensing portal allows you to manage licensing on the fly from anywhere in the world. With multi-user access, you can actively manage all of your sites’ licensing through a single console to track usage and consumption. Furthermore, you'll have visibility into the licensing options you're entitled to under Arcserve maintenance.

Cross Grade / Upgrade

If you decide to change your IT systems and need a different license method or newer option, you can execute this update under the Arcserve maintenance you already have. You will have the options and ability to cross grade or upgrade to different versions or licensing methods so your data is continually protected.

Manage Your Licenses

Continuously track active software installations for different sites, download licenses, and manage your license usage for your company.

Merge Licensing & Extend Maintenance

Merge new licenses into your current licensing pools as you add new devices or Arcserve appliances to your infrastructure, which need protection. You will also be able to view your active maintenance and expiry dates.


Visit our frequently asked questions support pages, understand how to license, what to license, and what is included in different versions. You will have access to sales and presales specialists that will help with providing the most efficient and cost-effective way of licensing your environment.

Virtualization, Software & Hardware Compatibility

When your solution is under Arcserve maintenance, it will allow for the latest version and updates, which include:

Newest OS & Application Support

New releases of Microsoft Server, like 2016 or Exchange 2016, are tested and certified by our product team and made available to maintenance customers, ensuring continued protection of their current systems. This is not limited to Widows and is inline with Linux kernel version updates.

Continued Public Cloud Support

The growth of cloud has been extensive over the last few years, following the release of some major cloud providers, including MS Azure, Google, and AWS. Public cloud providers are constantly improving systems and releasing new functionality to ensure we are inline with the cloud movement. Our product teams are continuously testing the newest functionalities and certify the API usage / Integrations. If changes in the Arcserve code are needed, this will be delivered through a small update to allow you to use all functionality available to you.

Hardware Compatibility

Hardware is getting faster and smaller with more function. Storage arrays are getting larger in useable capacity with quicker response times and greater performance. Arcserve features like hardware storage snapshots are certified on the newest storage vendor devices. The Arcserve product team will actively test and certify new storage arrays, tape devices, or hardware technologies to ensure continued support from the Arcserve solution.

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