Video: Activating an SPX License Using ConnectWise Automate

JUNE 25TH, 2018
Transcript: Hello this is Wes Gill from StorageCraft. In this tutorial I'll show you how to activate a license of ShadowProtect SPX using the ConnectWise Automate control center. From the computer management screen, click on plug-ins and then on StorageCraft. Then click on the view link next to the license status below the SPX logo. Enter your product key name and organization and press activate. For the name field, I recommend using the computer location and for organization, use the clients name. After a short time, typically less than a minute, the license status will change to active. If something went wrong, you can check for a message in the plug-in messages window by clicking on the gear icon. This concludes the tutorial on ShadowProtect SPX license activation.