Top Tips for Improving a Client’s Storage Infrastructure

JUNE 27TH, 2019
MSPs need to be strategic as they develop and maintain storage infrastructure for their clients. Solutions must be affordable, scalable, and easy to manage. It’s a big challenge, but luckily, storage tech is more powerful and sophisticated than ever. If you’re thinking of ways to help clients take advantage of the latest in storage, keep these things in mind.

Think Beyond Storage

Storage is no longer only about housing data; it’s about making it actionable. Last year, 2018, saw an aggressive rise in big data adoption. According to an Accenture study, 79 percent of enterprise executives agree that companies that don’t adopt big data will struggle to remain competitive and will likely end up out of business. Further, 83 percent of these executives have pursued big data projects to gain a competitive edge. [caption id="attachment_28908" align="alignright" width="300"]
Today, data analytics are the secret weapon for many companies, but they’ll soon be the norm. Companies that don’t create a program now, might struggle to stay competitive.[/caption] These figures are why no conversation about storage infrastructure is complete without a discussion about data analytics strategy. With the worldwide big data market on track to be worth $103 billion by 2027 (forecast based on revenue), smart MSPs should consider how they can cash in on data analytics solutions. Many MSPs are providing Data Analytics as a Service to help rocket clients toward better business decisions, and with white-label solutions available to resell, the process has never been easier.

Consider Where AI Fits

The conversation about artificial intelligence often centers around chat bots and digital assistants. But in the realm of storage and analytics, AI is becoming less a nice-to-have and more of a business essential. It can aid automated processes, enhance security, and help businesses find their next great decision. In fact, one study showed that of companies with an innovation strategy, 61 percent find opportunities in data using AI. As you evaluate storage strategies, don’t forget to add AI to the mix.

Adopt a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Forrester predicts that hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) will become a ubiquitous platform for on-premises deployments. Like converged infrastructure (CI), HCI simplifies storage by bringing together networking, virtualization, and compute power into a single box. With an extra layer of software, HCI adds to CI by giving organizations more scalability through turnkey provisioning, simpler management, and more control. HCI is a great part of nearly any storage strategy since it provides savings through better storage space utilization, more hardware flexibility, and more streamlined management.

Consider Training or Consulting

Data analytics, AI, and HCI are complex. Is your team fully equipped to take advantage of them? Right now, the huge push for analytics programs has created a tech talent shortage in the data analytics field, making it difficult to hire experts full time. Given the challenge, it’s wise to consider either building your company’s skillsets through training and certifications or learning in the field as you work closely with a consultant. The greater your team’s understanding of data analytics, the more you stand to profit.


While a recent enterprise storage study shows that performance, cost savings, and scalability are the top qualities IT pros look for in a storage solution, the story changes when you consider the benefits of data analytics. Today, data analytics are the secret weapon for many companies, but they’ll soon be the norm. Companies that don’t create a program now might struggle to stay competitive. Luckily, you can be the one to help.

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