Top 4 Features Schools Should Look for in Management Software

MAY 13TH, 2019
If you’re in the education sector, you understand just how much data schools collect. Student records, teacher information, lesson plans, attendance lists, and so much more all have to be housed in a secure and accessible environment. Sadly, many schools are years behind where they should be with their management software. Because funding is hard to come by in certain districts, too many schools depend on outdated software to keep everything in order. IT specialists in schools should be using management software with certain functionality. Here’s our list of the top features to look for to effectively manage your school’s data:

1. Centralized & Departmental Access

Especially in a higher education establishment, user access can be a touchy subject. Centralized management is considered due to its cheaper cost and streamlined use. But, department heads can have trouble forking over years of private research to a centralized system. There’s management software that combines centralized and departmental access, so data like student records live in a centralized repository, but research and sensitive studies stay in the hands of department heads.

2. Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Integration

Big Data is a growing concern in sectors that collect information from a large number of sources. It’s not so much the data itself that’s an issue, but more so a lack of sorting methods that make this information valuable. Finding a data management platform that uses algorithms for intelligent sorting, indexing, and storage can help improve processes and even the overall learning experience of students.

3. Parent & Student Portals

Communication is key to a successful education. Whether that means facilitating conversations between parents and students, teachers and students, or parents and teachers, offering up the information students need to succeed to everyone involved in their learning is essential. Parent and student portals are excellent ways to nurture proper communication between all channels. In a student portal, users should find;
  • their own account with course information, grades, and timetables;
  • general information about the semester;
  • tools to help with studying and homework;
  • briefs for online assignments; and
  • contact information for services such as tutors, essay guidance, and counselor information.
In a parent portal, users should find;
  • the school year calendar of events and holidays;
  • homework tips;
  • FAQs;
  • curriculum information;
  • safety information; and
  • contact details for reception and main office, counselors, and their student’s teachers.

4. Reliable Backup & Recovery Solutions

If you’re putting in all the effort to purchase and maintain modern management software, you’ll want to make sure you protect the data you’re organizing from cyberattacks and natural disasters. Frequent data backups that can be recovered when disaster strikes are a necessity. Though there’s school management software that comes equipped with backup and recovery technology, using a dedicated disaster recovery provider will guarantee you work alongside experts to keep data secure. With StorageCraft, you can harness the power of the cloud for backup storage and recovery and get access to 24/7 live support from an agent. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your business or request a free demo.