Tech Talk: Learn About the Arcserve N Series Featuring Nutanix

AUGUST 23RD, 2021

Arcserve and StorageCraft have merged to create a new global leader in data protection and management that offers you more options. That's one reason why Arcserve has partnered with Nutanix and Sophos to introduce a hyperconverged data protection appliance that integrates industry-leading technologies in data protection, hyperconverged infrastructure, and cybersecurity. That means you now have a better way to protect your IT infrastructure from downtime, data loss, and ransomware.

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Tech Talk: Arcserve N Series Featuring Nutanix

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In this webinar, you'll learn how the seamless integration of these technologies gives you unmatched unified data protection, scalability, and security for your IT infrastructure. You'll also learn how these technologies deliver radical simplicity in deployment, management, and support.

Mark Nijmeijer, senior director of product management at Nutanix, and Mark Johnson, senior director, technical alliances at Arcserve, show you how the Arcserve N Series integrates three best-of-breed technologies from Nutanix, Sophos, and Arcserve, including:

  • The Nutanix hyperconverged scale-out platform that delivers robust security features
  • Sophos cybersecurity technology that defends your backup environment by detecting known and unknown malware, delivering true data security by quickly responding to and removing threats—including never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks
  • Arcserve data protection across all platforms, safeguarding data from external threats, including ransomware, natural disasters, human error, and any other unplanned outages

You’ll also learn how these integrated technologies deliver automated deployment, eliminating risks during installation and configurations, and how management is simplified thanks to seamless integration with the Nutanix Prism management console.

Ready to take a leap ahead in data protection and scalability for your hyperconverged infrastructure? Watch the webinar today.  

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