We admit it. We’re complete news junkies when it comes to ransomware and cybersecurity. Of course, that’s really part of our jobs here at StorageCraft. But, after subscribing to far too many newsfeeds that frequently delivered irrelevant content, we decided it was time for a change. That’s why we created our new Ransomware News page.

We’re certain that anyone who is responsible for data security—in reality, that’s everyone today because we all have, at a minimum, our own personal data to protect—will find this at-a-glance resource invaluable. And with ransomware costing an average of $111,605 per incident, you can't ever be too informed.

We’ve curated the page so it’s focused exclusively on important stories about ransomware and cybersecurity, with feeds from respected news and opinion sources that include:

  • Data Breach today
  • Health IT Security
  • Infosecurity
  • Krebs on Security
  • MSSP Alert
  • SC Media
  • Security Boulevard
  • ZDNet
  • Wired

You can select and view all of the feeds or just the ones you’re interested in. The Ransomware News page is a great place to start or end your day so you’ll always be aware of new threats, trends, and solutions. Check it out today!

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