Start Scaling Out Your Data Storage

AUGUST 7TH, 2018
As more and more data is being produced, IT departments are having to deduce the best way to move forward with storage. The server rooms and hard drives of yesterday are proving to be far too bulky to provide the storage companies need to store, sort and protect their data. The future of data storage will not mean scaling up, but rather, scaling out.

How You Can Scale-Out

Adopting a converged or hyper-converged infrastructure is a great way to start scaling out storage. While converged storage focuses on constructing hardware and software that works together and individually, hyper-converged storage amalgamates software systems into one infrastructure that can be controlled from one platform.

The Benefits of Converged Storage

Scaling out storage by switching to a converged infrastructure will likely save you money over time since it's unnecessary to buy a surplus of hardware that can take up too much room and result in major downtime if it fails. You’ll also find converged storage options to be easier to use and more convenient. Everything you need to store and protect your data is compact and can often be operated from one platform as well. With converged storage, you will save physical space and time due to more efficient program and hardware management.

How StorageCraft Can Help

StorageCraft simplifies your data storage and back-ups. Our storage and protection solutions are easy-to-use and rely on our own personal cloud, which alleviates the need for bulky hardware. If you already take advantage of StorageCraft products like ShadowProtect or OneBlox, chances are your storage strategy has moved towards a converged infrastructure. To make storing your data even easier, we are launching a new platform on August 20, 2018, that allows you to control each of your StorageCraft solutions from one dashboard. Expect incredible features like inline deduplication and compression, continuous data protection, efficient multi-site replication, flexible and instant recovery and more.Contact us today to learn more about our line-up of data storage and backup solutions and to explore the upcoming launch of our new product.