Sharepoint Online Backup: Are You Vulnerable?


SharePoint Online has become integral to many organizations because of its ability to host not only traditional documents, but videos, images, scans, and more. As a testament to this, over 300,000 organizations now use SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365. In fact, Gartner reports active users of this tool grew over 90%, and data stored in SharePoint Online grew over 250% in the last year alone.

This rapid adoption begs an important question.

How are SharePoint Online environments backed up?

As a standard level of support, Microsoft provides 14 days of backups with one-hour RPOs and six-hour RTOs.

And, there is no option to change this retention policy.

Because of this, many organizations are unable to meet compliance standards with internal and external stakeholders, and are at risk of massive data loss should their SharePoint Online environments go down.

Your Sharepoint backup solution

We have good news: The latest Arcserve UDP update empowers you to now backup and recover SharePoint Online environments with just a few clicks.


SharePoint backup solution


SharePoint backup solution

This Sharepoint Online backup support is included in all MCP software licenses, comes bundled with our appliances, and is available as an option for other licenses.

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