Protecting Your Microsoft 365 Data With Advanced SaaS Backup and Recovery

MARCH 26TH, 2024

According to Statista, Microsoft 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, most likely including your company. There are plenty of good reasons for this vast user base. Still, the bottom line is this software suite of productivity tools keeps everything from your email communications to document sharing to internal team communications humming along. 

The reality is that Microsoft 365 is the backbone of many businesses like yours. That highlights the need for robust data protection strategies for your Microsoft 365 data, primarily because of the shared responsibility model. 

Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model 

Your organization must understand the shared responsibility model. Essentially, Microsoft guarantees the infrastructure’s security, availability, and functionality for its Microsoft 365 services 

You are responsible for protecting the data your organization generates and stores on the platform. That’s a crucial distinction, especially considering the impacts of a data loss due to accidental deletion, a ransomware attack, or a security breach. 

Microsoft 365 Includes Valuable Data Protection Features 

While you’re responsible for your data, Microsoft 365 offers several built-in features designed to safeguard your data, including: 

Versioning in SharePoint and OneDrive enables you to restore earlier document versions.  

Data retention, deletion, and destruction policies that make it possible to retrieve deleted or lost files for 30 to 180 days, depending on your subscription status. 

Legal hold features that enable you to preserve information that may be subject to compliance requirements. 

These features give you a basic level of data protection, but they mainly support data governance rather than serve as comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions 

Why You Need Advanced SaaS Data Backup and Disaster Recovery 

Microsoft 365’s built-in features leave you no choice but to implement an advanced SaaS data backup and recovery solution. A practical solution must fill the gaps left by SaaS providers like Microsoft by providing comprehensive, granular, and flexible data protection that aligns with your business continuity objectives, including your RTOs and RPOs 

Advanced SaaS data protection ensures you can quickly recover from data loss incidents caused by human error, malicious attacks, or other issues. Key capabilities to look for in advanced SaaS data protection include: 

  • Comprehensive backup coverage across all Microsoft 365 services, including Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and your public-facing folders. Your backups should also cover Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Dynamics 365 if your organization relies on these platforms 

  • Point-in-time backups that let you revert to your data from a point before data corruption or loss 

  • Granular recovery options that enable you to restore individual items like emails, documents, and contacts without the need to restore entire data sets  

  • Immutable backups using a blockchain-based algorithm ensure your data can’t be altered or deleted by unauthorized users. Take a deep dive into immutable storage in this recent post 

  • Automated and scheduled backups to ensure your data is consistently backed-up without manual intervention 

  • Secure data storage with encryption in transit and at rest to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to protect against unauthorized access 

SaaS Backup Doesn’t Have to be Expensive 

Arcserve SaaS Backup is the most cost-effective solution available, with a single price per seat that includes all SaaS data protection functionalities. That includes: 

  • Custom backup retention settings to meet your specific needs and compliance requirements 

  • Limitless data storage in an online cloud tier so you can count on fast access—and restores. 

  • Cost-free data traffic with no added charges for ingress, egress, and transactions 

The solution features default 30-day delete-retention and guaranteed data sovereignty and redundancy with four copies of your backup data stored in two separate data center locations within the same region.  

Request a demo to learn more about how simple and cost-effective Arcserve SaaS Backup is. 

If you’re ready to dive into Arcserve SaaS Backup now, request a 30-day free trial. 

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