Protecting Your Critical IT Infrastructure Against Downtime, Data Loss, and Ransomware

The Uptime Institute’s Annual Outage Analysis found that three-quarters of data center operators and enterprise IT managers say they have experienced an IT service outage in the past three years. Unfortunately, 42 percent of those outages were caused by human error. The human element was also involved in 85 percent of breaches. Humans aren’t perfect, so there is no way to eliminate these vulnerabilities. At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security lists six natural disasters that threaten critical infrastructure. Whether it’s headline-grabbing floods, tornadoes, and wildfires, or human error, threats to your IT infrastructure are everywhere. Regardless of the cause—ransomware, malware, hardware failure, or a natural disaster—all that matters for IT pros is that you are doing everything you can to protect your infrastructure. That includes keeping downtime to a minimum and ensuring your data is protected.

Start with a Plan

Because, whatever the cause—odds are you will face downtime, data loss, cyberattacks, and ransomware attacks—the only way you can be confident your data is protected is to be sure it can be recovered. That starts with a plan. We’ve put together a quick guide, How to Build a Disaster Recovery Plan, to help you get started with disaster recovery (DR) planning best practices. Your plan needs to cover business impacts analysis, risk assessment, and risk management. But the most essential part of your plan is DR testing. That’s just commonsense. You don’t want to wait for a disaster to strike to find out your plan will or won’t work. Want a better reason? Organizations that have formed incident response teams and tested their incident response plans saw an average total cost of a data breach that was $2.46 million less than organizations that didn’t have a team and test their plan.

Simplify and Secure Your IT Environment

One of the biggest challenges facing IT teams today—as they work to prevent downtime, stop data loss, and prevent ransomware attacks—is infrastructure complexity. Seventy-five percent of PWC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights survey respondents say their organizations are too complex. But those that had the best cybersecurity outcomes over the past two years are five times more likely to have streamlined operations enterprise-wide. You can start to tame the complexity of your IT environment and secure your data with Arcserve N Series, an all-in-one backup and recovery appliance combining ransomware prevention and hyperscale design. Arcserve N Series appliances protect any type and number of workloads while reducing your RTOs and RPOs to just minutes or seconds with Arcserve’s Virtual Standby and Instant VM.

Scalable Hyperconverged Infrastructure Made Simple

Arcserve N Series appliances combine the recovery of Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) with the flexible scale-out design of Nutanix. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) from Nutanix delivers high performance and flexibility, with a scale-out architecture that lets you add storage without disruption and compute capacity on the fly. Overprovisioning unnecessary storage capacity “just in case” is a thing of the past. Arcserve N Series appliances take “simple” one step further, giving you a hyperconverged secure solution from a single vendor.

Unified HCI, Backup, and DR Management

With a unified management console available via Nutanix Mine, Arcserve N Series appliances let you manage your HCI from a single pane of glass, monitor all of your backup and DR services, including physical, virtual, and cloud workloads, and quickly recover your systems and data.

AI-Powered Cybersecurity Protection

Arcserve N Series features market-leading Sophos cybersecurity for protecting the appliance. With signature-based and signatureless malware detection, an AI-powered deep learning network, anti-exploit technology, Cryptoguard anti-ransomware, and WipeGuard technologies, Arcserve N Series stops the broadest range of endpoint threats, including never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks.

Take the Next Step

You need to protect your critical IT infrastructure. Considers Arcserve’s integrated hardware and software solutions that simplify deployment, management, and support. Scale-out capacity lets you adjust storage to meet your evolving needs—without disruptions—and high availability with powerful data protection and security software ensures your data is safe and you can recover from any data disaster. Contact us to learn more.