Protect Your Multi-Generational IT Environments With the New Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud


At Arcserve, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology and ability to protect data across a myriad of systems, applications, and workloads. Founded in 1983, we’re the world’s most experienced data protection provider still serving enterprises today, and have intimate knowledge on what it takes to protect the 21st century IT environment. We’re dedicated to offering the best of the best to our customers, which is why we’re unveiling Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud, the market’s first solution to fully integrate all data protection processes under one cloud-based console for multi-generational IT infrastructures. The launch of this new solution also signals the birth of the “new Arcserve,” including a totally new look and feel to our website and brand as a whole.

It’s become evident to us that organizations need a tool that can effectively protect modern IT infrastructures. We recently conducted a survey of 759 IT decision-makers, and found that 64 percent of respondents agreed that protecting business-critical data, systems, and applications across complex, multi-generational IT environments has not become any easier over the past five years, despite a concerted effort to find solutions that simplify management and reduce costs. This simply isn’t OK. New technology should make our lives easier, not more difficult.

So, we started to rethink the way business continuity and disaster recovery is achieved. This new web-based cloud console addresses data protection challenges by bringing all processes together under one hood, totally eliminating the need for other data tools and management platforms.

Unlike other data protection vendors, we’re constantly pushing the envelope to be better and offer our customers more. The level of integration we’ve achieved with this new solution is simply not offered by other players in the space. We want to give our customers a solution that is extremely intuitive, yet powerful, and achieved this by:

  • Providing a consumer-grade user experience: Capabilities that span the data protection lifecycle are accessible through a customizable, cloud-based web console. Most tasks are implemented in three clicks or less.
  • Eliminating data loss and extended downtime: Supports near-zero RTOs and RPOs with high availability, minutes with virtual standby and instant VM, hours with bare metal restore, and granular recovery and quick discovery for compliance.
  • Shifting the economic profile: Its fully-integrated technologies reduce time and money spent on IT management by up to 50 percent.
  • Simplifying protection of modern IT infrastructures: Safeguards modern infrastructures, including those with x86, non-x86, SaaS and IaaS. Multi-cloud and cross-cloud data protection support organizations planning to or are currently in the process of implementing a cloud platform for backup or disaster recovery.

In creating this solution, we also knew that previous research conducted by Kroll OnTrack showed that 56 percent of businesses use two or more solutions to manage their backups, muddying data management. And, while backup infrastructures have become more complex, the tolerance for downtime has also diminished. Gone are the days where businesses can withstand losing hours’ worth of data. Our new survey affirmed this and revealed that 93 percent of participants believe their organization could only tolerate “minimal” (if any) data loss from critical business applications.

The research also found that, as data protection challenges continue to grow, more organizations are looking to the cloud for backup and disaster recovery. Many respondents cited the move to the cloud as the most important priority for their organizations’ IT teams to make sure data remains safe, and Arcserve is here to help set up companies for success and ensure business continuity.