PC World Names Arcserve ShadowProtect Best Windows Data Backup Software Solution for SMBs


We love it when respected industry authorities review our products. And we love it even more when they love our products. So, we’re proud to share that PC World has named Arcserve ShadowProtect the best Windows data backup software solution for SMBs. And the review headline says it all: “Highly effective continuous backup with virtual perks.”

The review also points out that with its broad support for virtual hard disk drives (HDDs) and virtual machines (VMs), Arcserve ShadowProtect is a continuous data protection, backup, and disaster recovery software that fits small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—and their IT teams. PC World goes further in its review, writing, “Continuous data protection doesn’t get any better than Arcserve’s…ShadowProtect software.”

Quick and Easy Data Disaster Recovery

PC World thoroughly tests each program it reviews for reliability and hardware compatibility. But, because disaster recovery is the crucial component of your business continuity strategy, the review starts by pointing out, "The first thing to know about ShadowProtect is that it’s heavily slanted toward quick and easy disaster recovery.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

ShadowProtect image-based backups give you multiple recovery options. You can grab a missing file, restore an entire data volume, or restore a failed server’s system to a new physical or virtual machine. And ShadowProtect automatically verifies backup images to ensure they’ll work when disaster strikes.

PC World writes, "Setting up a job in ShadowProtect is easy,” adding that you can schedule full backups without incremental backups and manually run full backups.

Data Protection Options Abound

The review notes that “as a long-time competitor in the field, [ShadowProtect] features just about every option and ancillary function in the book. You can limit CPU usage, split images, define retention policies, run before and after scripts, and even choose which volume shadow copy service (VSS) writers will be available to use.”

Regarding performance and user-friendliness, PC World says, “The ShadowProtect interface is attractive and simple enough given the rather complex set of tasks. I had zero issues with ShadowProtect backing up during my testing…nor have I ever had any issues in the past. It’s fast and reliable. That’s not something I can say about all backup programs.” 

Learn More About ShadowProtect

The PC World review closes with, “If…you want something more robust that can restore quickly and easily, with support for third-party virtual hard drives, ShadowProtect is an excellent…choice. It’s also a great choice for Linux users or those with mixed Windows/Linux environments, especially for SMBs.”

To dive deeper into ShadowProtect’s capabilities, check out our 30-day free trial offer.

For expert help with all your data backup and disaster recovery requirements, find an Arcserve technology partner.

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