OneXafe Solo 300 Redefines Appliance-Based Backup with Simple Flexibility

APRIL 13TH, 2020

Any MSP can back up client data. But high-caliber MSPs know that business continuity is about more than backups. A great business continuity strategy demands flexible recovery options, simplified management, and perhaps most importantly, quick recoveries that minimize downtime. These days MSPs can choose from many backup and recovery solutions. But finding one that boasts incredible feature sets, plays nice with your current tech stack, and offers flexible recovery options, all in one neat bundle, is hard to do. As a result, many MSPs turn to backup and disaster recovery (BDR) appliances. But investing in hardware has its own set of challenges:

More Appliances, More Complexity


Dozens of BDR appliances are available. How do you know which will serve your clients best? How do you know which are reliable? Which ones ensure that you can keep clients well-protected and your business profitable? What about integration? The decision about what to buy isn’t an easy one, though obviously, it makes sense to focus on finding the option that’s easiest to deploy, maintain, and profit from.

Building vs. Buying

Rather than pick something off the shelf, some MSPs architect their own BDR devices. Custom specs, custom configuration, and custom everything gets perfect results, right? In reality, the results are mixed. Many so-called BDR appliances are little more than backup storage devices. So rather than spend the time building, configuring, and maintaining a solution (which can sometimes be very expensive), why not use an appliance built for maximum ease, flexibility, and recoverability by disaster recovery and business continuity pros?

Introducing OneXafe Solo 300

The need for plug-and-play functionality and flexible recovery is the reason we built the OneXafe® Solo™ 300. So, if you’re looking for new ways to add value to your clients and ramp up backup and DR in a big way, you’ll want to take a closer look at OneXafe Solo. A compact appliance that's extremely easy to deploy and manage, OneXafe Solo streams data directly to the cloud. That greatly reduces infrastructure requirements onsite while disaster-proofing the data at the same time. It’s also the reason MSPs can adopt it as their go-to appliance for small-business clients—it reduces overhead costs and complexity, thus making serving smaller clients simpler and more profitable. Here’s a closer look at why simplicity and flexible recovery matter.

Simplicity Out of the Box

From pricing to configuration and management, we ensured that the OneXafe Solo 300 is as straightforward as possible.

Easy Rollout and Management

The moment you turn on OneXafe Solo, it registers with the OneSystem® cloud-based management system. No fuss, no software to install. From there, you can deploy agents where you need them and assign SLA-driven protection. You can even automate assignment of a given policy to agents deployed in the future so that they are automatically protected. With the option to back up directly to the cloud or to back up locally to external storage and replicate to the cloud, you ensure proper redundancy for different systems. OneSystem also shows the status of your health and protection and provides storage capacity analytics.

Simple Pricing with No Upfront Cost

Instead of paying up to several thousand dollars for an appliance, you pay no upfront costs for the OneXafe Solo appliance. Awesome, right? Instead, a simple monthly subscription model makes it easy for you to estimate operational costs and easily add backup and DR to your service portfolio.

Power More Flexible Recovery

Not every disaster is big, but every disaster is serious. From a single pane of glass, OneXafe Solo gives you flexible recovery options that will make you wonder why anyone ever thought backups were good enough on their own. These ensure that your clients never lose a file and that no system suffers too much downtime.

  • Cloud-based virtualization failover in the cloud – When local recovery isn’t an option, OneXafe Solo makes it easy to fail over virtually in the cloud in almost an instant. What downtime?
  • Instant recovery to a virtual machine – Boot any backup image of a system volume into a VM in milliseconds with patented VirtualBoot technology. Again … what downtime?
  • File and folder restore –OneXafe Solo makes it easy to quickly restore files and folders so nothing important ever gets lost.
  • Recovery to dissimilar environments – Recover physical machines virtually. Recover virtual machines physically. Use the resources that are on-hand—with OneXafe Solo, there aren’t any boundaries for a quick recovery.


There’s never been a simpler, more effective way for MSPs to serve small businesses and maintain healthy margins. OneXafe Solo is easy to use and scalable, and it comes in a super slick form-factor. There’s no capital expense in deploying OneXafe Solo, and management requires minimal technical support. If you’re looking for new ways to add value for your clients and ramp up backup and DR in a big way, you’ll want to take a closer look at OneXafe Solo. The OneXafe Solo 300 is available today. Interested in learning more? Contact us or reach out to your account manager today.    

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