MSPs: Here’s When It’s Time to Hire a Disaster Recovery Consultant

JUNE 14TH, 2018

Backups alone are straightforward. But add recovery objectives, on-site and off-site backup options, encryption, and detailed plans for data loss prevention and suddenly there’s a lot to handle. Disaster recovery might not be your specialty as an MSP but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide outstanding backup and disaster recovery services by bringing on a consultant to help. Here are a few ways you can tell your company needs a backup and DR consultant.


You Want to Make DR Services More Profitable

Backup and disaster recovery services can be profitable as long as you have the right strategy. If you’re not cashing healthy checks for DR services, there might be ways you can provide your clients with more value. If you’re looking for ways to re-work your business model to provide a more diverse array of backup and DR services, remember that backups are just the start. Quick recovery is where the money is. A consultant can give you pointers on how to create tiered models where backups are the basics and downtime prevention is a premium service. That way, your clients have more options and you have new ways to increase revenue.

You Want to Learn About the Latest Strategies and Tech for Backup and DR

If you’re hoping to get up to speed on the latest trends and tools the DR pros use, a consultant can help. Many will have in-depth knowledge of backup strategies, data loss prevention techniques, and what new, pioneering tools can achieve aggressive objectives. Consider hiring someone to review your team’s DR knowledge and to prep materials that can help them improve their abilities. This will give you more chops when it comes to helping clients and new advantages over your competition.

You’re Working With a Larger-Than-Average Client

Large clients can be intimidating, particularly on the backup and DR side. More users create more data and more data means more complex backups. This raises the cost if data is lost and puts a greater burden on you to get everything right.  Whether you’re pitching a high-profile client or you’ve won a job and need a hand, consultants are a great way to stretch your abilities. They can help you create plans for large clients and assist with implementation so everything is up to snuff the first time.

You’re Taking on a Client with Special DR Needs

Some companies have more tolerance for data loss and downtime than others. Some are even required by law to keep backups, archives, and adequate data protection protocols. For instance, any company that keeps electronic health records are bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which covers requirements for how data is stored, backed up, and accessed. The legal industry has various guidelines for storing information as well – including data backups. When it comes to clients like these, it’s wise to bring in a DR consultant who knows the ins and outs of your client’s industry. This is a safe way to guarantee their systems and processes stay compliant with regulations.


DR consultants aren’t for every situation and they’re not for every managed service provider. But under the right circumstances they can be the difference between a satisfied client and one that’s miffed because your backup and DR strategies cost them their data, time, and productivity. If you’re ever unsure about how to approach a backup and DR project (or if you want to increase profits) find an expert who can help you be positive your clients are getting the careful service they deserve. Are you looking for a DR consultant to help with your next project? Our backup and DR specialists can help.

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