March 31st Is World Backup Day. Is Your Data Backed Up?

MARCH 30TH, 2023

The World Backup Day website offers some telling statistics:

  • 21% of people have never made a backup
  • 113 phones are stolen every minute
  • 29% of data loss cases are caused by accident
  • 30% of all computers are already infected with malware

That should give pause to anyone who cares about their data. And that’s just about everyone.

Take Action Now

You’ve probably thought about getting hit by ransomware or some other attack vector since it’s in the news daily. Now is the time for you to take action. And the World Backup Day website offers plenty of options to help you get going.

Online Backup Services

Storing your backups in the cloud is a future-proof complement to physical data storage. Files stored in the cloud are available anytime, anywhere. But you still need to pay attention to securing and limiting access to your cloud backups.

External Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

External hard drive backups are a viable backup option, but the backup must be kept separate from your PC in a different location. Drives can break down, so having cloud or online backups gives you an extra layer of protection. Be sure to keep your external drive patched and up to date.

External Solid State Drives (SSDs)

SSDs’ advantage over HDDs is all about speed. SSDs offer faster backups, and because SSDs don’t have any moving parts, they are less prone to damage if dropped or otherwise tossed about.

Computer Backup

Many of today’s PC operating systems integrate their cloud services while leaving you options. Before you choose a storage or backup service, make sure their offering works best for your situation.

Backup Smartphone

iPhones don’t store your photos or documents. They are usually held in your iCloud account—but not in your backups. If your iPhone gets hacked, you can lose everything. So use a cloud storage or backup service that also covers your smartphone.

Network-Attached Storage for Backups

Backing up to network-attached storage (NAS) offers another option for keeping a copy of your backups secure. Combined with your primary storage and cloud backups, you’ve got a rock-solid backup regimen in place that will ensure you never lose your data.

Take the World Backup Day Pledge

Commit and follow through by taking the World Backup Day pledge:

“I solemnly swear to back up my important documents and precious memories on March 31st. #WorldBackupDay. I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day—Real friends don't let friends go without a backup. =)”

For an interesting read about the history of World Backup Day, check out this post.

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