Lab Insight: Modern Data Protection for Midsize Enterprises and ROBO Environments

With data protection now one of today’s biggest IT challenges for small to mid-sized enterprises and organizations with ROBO environments, Arcserve recently asked Evaluator Group to compare Arcserve OneXafe Solo to the leading competitive offering. Evaluator Group delivers in-depth, unbiased analysis on storage architecture, infrastructures, and management for IT pros so they can get the most value from their storage and digital information investments. Evaluator Group’s Lab Insights report notes that today’s data protection tools must support the use of multiple targets, including the cloud, and ensure offsite copies are maintained as part of an organization’s overall malware and ransomware mitigation efforts. These tools must also meet regulatory compliance requirements and, most importantly, ensure disaster recovery. The report also notes that, while large enterprises often have means and solutions to address these requirements, they are typically too expensive and complex for smaller enterprises. Evaluator Group tested and analyzed Arcserve OneXafe Solo and the competitor from the standpoint of meeting the needs of these smaller enterprises and those with ROBO (remote office/branch office) environments.

Data Protection Drivers and Challenges

In its research, Evaluator Group found that COVID-19 has resulted in increased funding for security, data protection, and disaster recovery initiatives. That shouldn’t be surprising, given that 2021 saw the average cost of a data breach reach an astronomical $4.24 million. In another Evaluator Group study, more than 50 percent of respondents indicated being likely to change their data protection tools to lower their costs or improve ease of use. In the same study, a majority said they are currently using cloud technologies for some portion of their data protection—and want to do so to a greater extent. Respondents also indicated that their top data protection challenges are addressing data growth and meeting their recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) while lowering solution costs.

Data Protection Requirements

Evaluator Group says small to mid-sized enterprises and organizations with ROBO environments need to meet their RTO and RPO with a solution that’s:
  • Easy to deploy, use, and manage, with remote management access for ROBO environments
  • Meets required RTOs and RPOs
  • Offers flexible replication options, including onsite and cloud
  • Provides scalable support for increasing application and data needs
  • Delivers file recovery and near-instant application recovery

OneXafe Solo: Cost and Complexity Contained

The report says that with OneXafe Solo restoring a complete virtual machine (VM) was nearly instantaneous, while the same procedure was never successfully completed using the competitor’s product. The report says that OneXafe Solo is optimized for fast recovery of a full VM—which also enables browsing of files so you can copy and restore files or folders if needed. While the competitor appeared to optimize file restoration, critically, it was unable to provide complete system recovery locally for VMs. In summarizing the results of its lab testing, Evaluator Group says that OneXafe Solo “outperformed its competitor by providing significantly more capacity scalability, more backup target and replication options while having fewer limitations in general.” The summary also says that the Arcserve OneXafe Solo appliance provides a reliable data protection tool designed with scalability and ease of management for small and growing environments.

A Solution Worth Considering

Evaluator Group’s final recommendation is that companies looking to improve their existing data protection methods or enhance their toolset with additional products should consider Arcserve’s portfolio. With appliance-based deployments, agentless technology, and various protection targets, you can cost-effectively implement multiple data protection and retention options that meet your RTO and RPO requirements.Learn more about OneXafe Solo’s plug-and-protect simplicity. To talk to a data protection expert, contact us. Read the complete Lab Insight report here.