Keeping Your Data Secure in the Face of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are unpredictable and destructive. They can grow or change course without any warning, turning a simple storm into a life-threating hurricane or keeping fires charged as they roll across state lines. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can control when it comes to such disasters. But preparation is one thing we can control. It’s vital to act now, before it’s too late.

How to Prepare for Pending Natural Disasters

According to The Weather Channel, Hurricane Florence is a dangerous Category 4 hurricane that is sweeping up through the Southeastern part of the United States this weekend. This is predicted to produce catastrophic flash flooding and major river flooding. Hurricane Florence could  start showing signs as early as Thursday through heavy rainfall as well as powerful winds and is set to linger into early next week. It is important during this chaotic time to ready yourself and your business. First and foremost, the most important thing to keep safe is yourself and having a hurricane preparedness plan can be a great resource during such a stressful time. Second, maintaining a current disaster recovery plan can help your business and data stay secure during hazardous conditions. Your DR plan should include things such as;
  • Building recovery environments in advance and testing them to ensure that all necessary devices are accessible.
  • Testing your backups using mount tools and VirtualBoot.
  • Managing and periodically verifying offsite copies of your backups – ensure they are outside the natural disaster area to avoid loss.
  • Ensure all your data has been backed up successfully to the cloud or other DR site.
Implementing a good DR plan requires time, patience, and excellent communication skills. But like most things in life, taking it one step at a time can help reduce the stress and feeling of being under-prepared during a crisis.

Disaster Recovery Support

StorageCraft understands this is a stressful time for everyone in the areas Hurricane Florence is predicted to impact. We want to make sure you are as prepared as possible before being hit by Hurricane Florence, or any other natural disaster by making it as easy as possible to secure and recover your data. Here are some questions to consider as you assess your DR action plan:
  • Do you have a current Recovery Plan?
  • Is your StorageCraft Recovery Environment up to date?
  • Have you completed successful testing of your backups in the last 1 to 2 months?
  • Have you completed StorageCraft's Free Academy Training?
  • Do you have an offsite copy of your backups outside of this natural disaster area?
Just because natural disasters are unpredictable, doesn’t mean you have to take the chaos lying down. And when it comes to your data, the best offense is a good defense. Breathe a little easier knowing that StorageCraft has your back, as well as your backups, covered. If you are a StorageCraft partner who will be imminently impacted by a natural disaster and need assistance, please call our support line at (801) 545-4710. Our support team is prepared to assist you and your end users in adverse conditions.