IT Solutions Provider Grows to Meet Customer Demand for Business Continuity With Arcserve UDP

JULY 12TH, 2022

No business is safe from ransomware. Sophos State of Ransomware 2022 found that 66 percent of respondents had been hit by ransomware last year, and 72 percent experienced an increase in the volume, complexity, and impacts of cyber attacks. It’s no wonder that 49 percent of PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey respondents said cybersecurity is a top concern.

Australia’s Central West region is one example of how organizations respond to these threats. To expand cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities across regions, the New South Wales (NSW) Government established a Cyber Security Vulnerability Management Centre in Bathhurst. IBM soon followed, establishing a client innovation center in the region.

With the region emerging as a technology and innovation hub over the past few years, IT solutions provider Colton Computer Technologies has been both a driver and benefactor of that growth since 2005. The company provides IT and telephony solutions to a wide range of businesses in the Central Tablelands and Central West of NSW. The company’s team of IT experts is focused on enabling these local businesses with solutions that can maximize efficiency and productivity. Today, Colton is the biggest locally-owned IT provider in the region.

Demand Drives Sophisticated Cybersecurity Approaches

With increased awareness of cyber threats and ransomware, organizations throughout the region recognized the need for more mature and sophisticated cybersecurity approaches to protect their systems and data from malicious cyberattacks or accidental data loss.

“Locally, there is growing awareness of the threat of ransomware and the need for robust, highly available IT systems,” said Mitch Colton, Managing Director of Colton Computer Technologies. “Our role in the community is to help businesses with the right safeguards without adding more products, processes, or workload. That’s where we have been able to add value—we simplify processes across their servers, whether it be local, virtual, or cloud.”

Since 2015 the Colton Computer team has relied on Arcserve UDP to support customers with limited internal resources that require backup and disaster recovery for complex, hybrid IT infrastructures. Fully aware of the exponential growth in the amount of data its customers are generating, Arcserve UDP makes it easy for the Colton Computer team to scale hybrid business continuity networks locally or over multiple sites spread across long distances. And the solution provides all-in-one data protection and cybersecurity defenses to ward off ransomware attacks, quickly restore data, and effectively ensure disaster recovery.

Flexibility and Simplicity in a Single Data Protection Solution

Arcserve UDP's flexibility and simplicity has made a massive difference for the Colton Computer team by letting them switch capabilities on and off easily on demand. “We can scale up or down, everything can be incremental or reversed on demand. Arcserve UDP removes the distance barrier and eliminates the need for any other data protection solution. We can back up locally or to a central recovery point server (RPS). It lets us manage its robust capabilities with a few quick clicks on a single interface from anywhere in the region,” said Mitch Colton. “Put simply, with Arcserve UDP, we have been able to restore every backup when needed, a capability unmatched by almost every other vendor we’ve come across.”

Proven in the Real World

The Colton Computer team has significantly reduced risks for its customers with Arcserve UDP’s heterogeneous, image-based technology. Arcserve UDP supports the protection of any source platform and can recover to any target platform. Fast recovery means Colton’s customer RTOs can always be met, minimizing data loss and downtime impacts.

For one of its customers—a plumbing wholesaler—Arcserve UDP proved invaluable. When the company’s Microsoft Exchange server abruptly failed, Colton Computer went to work immediately. With the server backed up to Arcserve UDP, the company restored the customer’s Exchange server and its 1.5 TB of data in just two hours. And the customer got all of their data back.

The Colton Computer team now relies on Arcserve UDP more than ever, with 200 TB of data in its care and growing, giving it a multi-layered approach that gives each of its customers complete IT resiliency for every kind of workload. “We have invested in Arcserve UDP over the years, gathering the depth of knowledge we have today to support the needs of our customers. We have full confidence in Arcserve as a future-proof solution and one that has proven time and again to allow us to restore data quickly,” said Mitch Colton.

Become an Arcserve Technology Partner

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