Industry Analyst DCIG's Arcserve UDP 9 Review: The Obvious Solution to Simplify Data Backup and Defeat Ransomware

JUNE 6TH, 2023

Like most, your organization is probably challenged by the IT complexities and threats that are pervasive today. That’s especially true regarding protecting against ransomware, managing backups, and ensuring disaster recovery. 

Now, a comprehensive review of the Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) 9 backup solution—conducted by independent research firm DCIG—confirms what we already firmly believed: Arcserve UDP 9 offers your organization a clear edge in protecting against ransomware while tackling the persistent challenges of managing backup and recovery complexities

The product review notes that four core challenges and threats facing organizations today:

1. Lack of a centralized backup console

2. Need for multiple backup administrator roles

3. Vulnerable Identities of IT personnel

4. Lack of sophisticated backup and recovery features

Arcserve UDP 9 answers these challenges simply and effectively. "Arcserve UDP has for some time delivered advanced data protection features at its core that organizations routinely use,” said Jerome Wendt, CEO and lead data protection analyst at DCIG, regarding Arcserve UDP’s multiple backup and disaster recovery capabilities. “Arcserve offers both agent-based and agentless backup options, which give organizations the flexibility to use the best backup approach to meet specific application data protection requirements."

Powerful Ransomware Prevention and Strengthened Data Resilience

Arcserve UDP 9 delivers a cloud-based, multi-tenant Cloud Console that enhances protection of enterprise applications such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers by centrally managing UDP and Cloud Direct. The solution includes architectural and user interface enhancements to improve performance and simplify management. 

UDP also enhances data resilience, availability, and durability through its support for multiple cloud object storage providers. These features, combined with Arcserve's existing integration with Sophos, provide you with a reinforced beachhead against ransomware threats.

Arcserve UDP offers multiple disaster recovery options, including DRaaS, Instant Restores, and Virtual Standby (VSB). DRaaS is available via its fully managed cloud services extension, Cloud Hybrid. This DRaaS service keeps critical data and workloads protected offsite and available and positions organizations to continue operations during or after unplanned on-premises outages. 

The Instant Restore feature allows IT personnel to spin up a VM directly from a backup quickly. At the same time, VSB offers a highly available configuration for data and applications for even faster recoveries than its Instant Restore feature.

A Strong Backup Solution Is a Must-Have

"As ransomware attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, a weak backup solution is no longer an option. With Arcserve UDP 9, organizations empower themselves to defend against the latest ransomware threats and overcome the complexity inherent in IT environments," said Patrick Tournoy, executive vice president of operations at Arcserve. "DCIG's review confirms that Arcserve UDP 9 is a robust backup solution that can effectively protect organizations against these threats."

Take Arcserve UDP Out For a Spin

Learn how Arcserve UDP 9 can simplify your backup and disaster recovery efforts by requesting a demo. If you’re ready to take it out for a test drive, check out our 30-day free trial. For expert help with implementing proper backup and disaster recovery solutions and processes, talk to an Arcserve technology partner.

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