How the StorageCraft and Arcserve Merger Ushers in a New Era of Data Protection

JULY 12TH, 2021

You’ve probably heard the news about the StorageCraft and Arcserve merger. Both companies have earned the respect of the industry and customers.  And the new Arcserve can be counted among the global top five data management and protection vendors and one of the world's largest business continuity companies. But what does the merger mean for our channel partners and IT professional customers like you?

Data is the Lifeblood of Modern Business

With total global data storage projected to exceed 200 zettabytes by 2025, and ransomware making headlines almost every day, your data is always vulnerable, at least to some degree. Consider Colonial, JBS, and most recently, the massive attack on Kaseya as evidence. The amount of data you generate is also likely to be growing at a tremendous rate as digital transformation takes hold. Given the high and well-documented costs of downtime, data protection is now top of mind for all IT professionals.

A Combined Portfolio Built for Business Continuity

Arcserve and StorageCraft have joined forces to meet these threats head-on, offering a combined data management and protection product portfolio that addresses every use case and business continuity challenge worldwide. For our partners and end-user customers, that means you can now choose one vendor for a single, agile ecosystem that manages and protects data workloads in all environments, including:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) applications
  • Edge infrastructures
  • Cloud
  • On-premises
  • Off-premises

The merger also means you can count on one vendor to help ensure that your data is protected and recoverable if disaster strikes, whether from a cyberattack, human error, or natural disaster.

Accelerated Innovation

Together, Arcserve and StorageCraft bring decades of innovation experience to data management and protection. Now, with the collective brainpower of the new Arcserve working continuously on product R&D, watch for fast innovation in continuous data availability across every platform. This will enable a seamless evolution to next-generation infrastructures and workloads.

Adaptive Business Models

The new Arcserve also gives you flexible options for data management and protection, supporting both operating expense (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) infrastructure strategies so you can better manage costs without compromise.

Meet the New Global Leader in Data Protection and Management

Want to get a better understanding of the ways the Arcserve and StorageCraft merger can benefit your business? Watch our on-demand webinar.

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