How to Recover Deleted Outlook Items in Office 365

December 7th, 2016
Lost or deleted an Outlook email or important attachment file? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. And if you need to restore Outlook items that you thought you wouldn't need anymore, there's an easy way to do it. You can even restore permanently deleted files (hard delete), if you are using with Exchange Online in Office 365. The Office 365 suite has basic functionality for recovery, so it's helpful if you've recently deleted a file - not so much if the file was purged some time ago. Read below to see what the steps are to recover deleted Outlook items in Office 365, and how you can prevent the disaster of losing important data.

Recover Deleted Outlook Items from the Deleted Items Folder

You can look for a deleted file in the Deleted Items folder in Outlook.
  • click the Deleted Items folder to see if you can find your file;
  • select the item in the list, if you can find it there;
  • right-click and select the option Move to move the file back into your inbox.
By default, items in your Deleted items folder will be purged after 30 days. The Exchange Online administrator can set the retention policy for this folder, but don't count on your files being there forever. Office 365 support site notes that if you don't have an Exchange account (for example, you're using Outlook to connect to an IMAP or POP account), you will have some trouble with recovery. Without Exchange Online, you can't recover an item that's been permanently deleted or deleted from the Deleted Items folder. If you have an IMAP account, you might be able to recover items from the Trash folder.

Outlook Recoverable Items Folder

If you purge an item from the "Deleted Items" folder, you can find it in the "Recoverable Items" folder. This is where Outlook keeps permanently deleted files, emails or events. To access the "Recoverable Items" folder, follow these steps:
  • In Outlook, click the Folder tab, and then click Recover Deleted Items.
  • Select the item you want to recover and click Recover Selected Items.
  • After you recover an item, you can find it in your Deleted Items folder and then move it to another folder.
By default, you can find deleted emails in Outlook for 14 days in the Recoverable Items folder. The Exchange Online administrator can increase this period to 30 days. Exchange Online users will benefit from Mailbox Litigation Hold, which the administrator can enable to save data permanently. This mode is useful in case you need to restore old deleted Outlook items.

Cloud Backup for Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive

If you've lost or deleted an Outlook email or attachment, there are options for recovery if you act soon enough. Better yet, make sure you're never in a situation where you are scrambling to get your data back. Cloud backup solutions like the Cloud Backup for Office 365 from StorageCraft will have you covered. The cloud solution uses state-of-the-art compression and encryption in Tier 3+ certified datacenters. It's a perfect backup solution for large-scale enterprise deployments with multiple office locations and remote workers. So why wait? Back up your cloud applications now, and keep your business data safeguarded from any kind of incidents.