How to Ensure Your Data Stays Secure on the Cloud

OCTOBER 29TH, 2018

Though there are myths about a lack of security in cloud computing, the cloud is oftentimes the safest place you can store your data. The only people who have access to data you store on the cloud are the ones you decide to give access to through password distribution. Plus, it’s a simple way to keep everything together and to produce multiple backup files in case disaster strikes. That said, there have been cloud hacks in the past, resulting in leaked information (take Microsoft and Dropbox, for example). Like any technology, the cloud can have its faults. That’s where your own security measures come into place. Don’t expect every cloud provider to also secure your data. Sometimes, you’ll have to do the legwork yourself. Here are some cloud security tips from StorageCraft, as we’re true believers in the cloud.

Read Your Provider’s User Agreement


We know it can be a pain to read through all the fine print, but you always should, especially when it comes to the security of your data. If you have any questions about the safety of your data, you will find answers in your user agreement and explanations of the intricacies you may need to watch for.

Encryption is Key

Before choosing a cloud provider, look for one that offers local data encryption services. They will often encrypt your files automatically, and you can take that a step further by encrypting your own files as well. Third-party encryption companies offer products that can password protect and add encryption to files after they’re finished with, enhancing their security further in case of a breach.

Strengthen Your Passwords


What’s in a strong password? Definitely not your birthday, name or the classics 123456 and password. Your passwords are your first line of defense against hackers, so put some thought into them. One tip: select a long, complex word like “symposium” and change some letters to corresponding numbers, leaving you with something like “5ymp051um”. Combining numbers and letters in an intricate way can stop hackers in their tracks. You should also remember to change your passwords every few months and ensure you have a variety for your protection. There are obvious problems with using the same password for all your platforms and sensitive information. If it’s hacked once, it can be hacked a thousand more times.

Be Aware of How You Conduct Yourself Online

No, we’re not talking about your manners on Reddit. Your online habits, particularly on others’ computers, can dictate how safe your data stays on the cloud. Ensure the system doesn’t automatically save your passwords when you're on public computers and that you’re logging out of all your accounts when you power down. Be careful accessing your cloud services on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots when you’re out and about as well. These tend to be unencrypted, leaving your login details open to hackers.

Choose a Cloud Provider You Can Trust


Besides offering encryption and other protection services, your cloud provider should be able to prove their services are tried, tested and true, and that they do their best on their end to keep your data safe. StorageCraft is the online data recovery pro, and we’re experts at cloud computing. We offer a range of data storage and recovery solutions, featuring our disaster recovery cloud that stores, replicates, secures, and recovers data when you’re in need. Contact us today for more information on our products or request a free demo and OneXafe today.