How is Data Storage Changing and How Does that Affect You?

JULY 23RD, 2018
One of the major challenges SMBs and big business face today is devising proper sorting and storing of Big Data. We’re at a point now where the number of emails sent, files downloaded, texts exchanged, etc. has overwhelmed outdated methods of storage. Methods like stand-alone servers and USB drives now need advanced storage and sorting techniques to serve a business. By 2020, IDC predicts that the amount of data in existence will multiply by 1000, hitting an astounding total of 44 zettabytes. In this era of Big Data, what is the current climate of data storage and how will it be changing in the future?

Machine Learning

Although AI is all the rage, machine learning will play a big part in the sorting of Big Data. There’s much hype around machine learning and for a good reason. It can add significant value to the data you have already collected. It works by using complex pattern detection to find algorithms that can determine which data belongs where and whether it is relevant enough to keep. This will decrease a company’s need for excessive amounts of storage space, saving time and money.

Intelligent Software Designed Storage (I-SDS)

Using technology like machine learning and AI, I-SDS systems work like the human brain in developing intelligent, personalized storage systems. This technology clusters data and sorts it, allowing for speedy and efficient storage. With I-SDS, businesses no longer need to house cumbersome hardware. Instead, they can manage their storage system from one platform.

The Cloud

The current craze in storage is utilizing cloud-based services to house information. This takes the onus off businesses to invest in converged infrastructures with many hardware points and allows for easy control of data storage. But, as programs like bitcoin flourish, Internet users are searching for decentralized programs since the threat of hacks is becoming more and more intimidating. Moving forward, companies like Storj are developing online storage methods that can be rented with bitcoin. These programs encrypt your data and shard them, meaning it splits everything up into pieces that only a person with a key or password can view. It is meant to be an incredibly safe way to store your data without a third party.


But, do people really want a decentralized storage? In many ways, third-party cloud storage is already very secure. More than one copy of data is stored meaning if one is deleted, there are two more that can be accessed. Plus, it will probably be cheaper than any decentralized system, at least at the beginning. StorageCraft is the online data recovery pro. We believe in the power of the cloud and have developed our own to store your data. Coupled with our OneBlox Scale-Out Storage management system, we have everything you need to keep your data sorted and secure. If your business is hacked, online data recovery from our cloud is quick and easy and will save you in costly downtime. Contact us today for more information on our range of products or request a free demo of our ShadowProtect.