How All-in-One Appliances Deliver Cyberattack Protection and Data Loss Prevention


Data backup solutions are a vital component of your IT infrastructure today. The reasons are apparent: Over 72 percent of businesses worldwide have been affected by ransomware attacks as of this year. And Cloud provider Fastly recently reported that 29 percent of businesses cited data loss as one of the most common damages that result from a security breach. The numbers make it clear that cyberattack protection and data loss prevention must be a top priority for IT pros today

Hackers will likely target your backups to prevent you from recovering your data. That makes them a crucial component of your IT infrastructure. The importance of backups is evidenced by The State of Ransomware 2023 report from Sophos, which found that countries with the overall lowest data recovery rates were also less likely to back up their data.

With virtually every business facing ever-evolving threats to its data, putting an effective cybersecurity, data backup, application availability, and disaster recovery solution in place is a must-have. 

All-in-One Appliances Deliver Data Loss Protection      

Arcserve 9000 Series Appliances offer comprehensive data protection, including Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) software and Sophos Intercept X Advanced. These appliances also deliver flash-accelerated deduplicated storage, robust server processing, highly redundant hardware, and cloud services for plug-and-play backup, security, data disaster recovery (DR), and application availability.

This multilayered solution integrates onsite and offsite DR, with Sophos Intercept X providing proven endpoint protection that combines the industry’s top-rated malware detection and exploit protection. This protection takes you beyond typical reactive security approaches, securing your backups from any threat with hybrid signature-based and signatureless deep learning and AI that detects both known and unknown malware.

With the Arcserve 9000 Series, you can protect Microsoft 365 workloads—including Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business—on the appliance. Arcserve Appliances also include backup of unlimited Microsoft 365 users to their licensed data or storage capacity without an additional subscription. 

Scale Easily, Replicate Anywhere

Arcserve 9000 Series Appliances let you scale without limitation, with easy in-field storage expansion by adding drives instead of additional appliances or shelves. You can also send your data anywhere, with wide-area network (WAN) optimized replication to private and public clouds, including the Arcserve Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, and Rackspace

You can quickly address data growth with an effective capacity of 504TB per appliance and the ability to manage up to 6 petabytes using a single interface. You’ll also slash your storage footprint and cut costs thanks to Arcserve Appliance’s ability to deliver an up to 20:1 deduplication ratio. 

Increased Reliability, Fast Disaster Recovery

You can count on increased reliability with onsite hardware support in as little as four hours and high redundancy hardware with dual CPUs, solid-state drives (SSDs), power supplies, hard disk drives (HDDs), and random-access memory (RAM). 

You can also leverage Arcserve UDP software with instant virtual machine (VM) and bare metal restore (BMR), local and remote virtual standby, and application-consistent backup and granular restore. Arcserve UDP also supports hardware snapshots and extensions that deliver high availability and tape support. 

And you can count on fast, on-appliance DR with up to 20 CPU cores and 1,536GB of RAM. Managing Arcserve Appliances is easy, too, using a private or cloud-based management console. Arcserve Cloud Console provides a unified, web-based management interface with a seamless user experience. 

Arcserve Technology Partners: Appliance Experts

Arcserve works closely with our technology partners to deliver the expertise you need to ensure your data backup and disaster recovery capabilities are ready for anything. We’re here to help.

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