Enterprise-Level Integrated Data Protection, Recovery, and Cybersecurity: Arcserve N-Series Appliances Add New Capabilities

JUNE 23RD, 2022

Your business is probably like many others, managing exponential data growth while fighting to protect your vital information from ever-increasing ransomware threats. One recent report found that ransomware increased last year as much as in the previous five years combined. That’s just one reason Arcserve has expanded its N Series range to give you comprehensive, integrated backup, recovery, and ransomware protection.

Arcserve N Series hyper-converged data protection appliances combine orchestrated recovery using Arcserve UDP,  the flexible scale-out design of Nutanix, and ransomware protection of the backup system with Sophos Intercept X Advanced cybersecurity.  The new Arcserve N Series lets you simplify your IT environment and secure your data with an all-in-one backup and recovery appliance by converging industry-leading data protection technologies in a single appliance. And you can protect any type of workload across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Now available, the new N1100-4 and N1200-4 appliances offer you a new approach to storing, managing, and protecting data that reduces complexity—and your total cost of ownership (TCO). Here are some of the highlights:

Hyperconverged Simplicity

By giving you a single point of contact from a single vendor for your hyper-converged data protection appliances, you eliminate the effort that comes with relying on multiple vendors. You also get a seamless experience, as these new appliances let you manage data protection from a unified management console using Nutanix Prism. This automated control plane generates actionable insights across your entire environment.

Flexible Scale-out Storage

The new N Series hyper-converged Nutanix infrastructure gives you high-performance, flexible scale-out storage that lets you add capacity and compute on the fly. That means no more planning and overprovisioning for unneeded capacity. And performance at scale is managed optimally with consistent performance irrespective of the scale-out state—unlike systems where performance can degrade with scale. A hyper-converged infrastructure and unified architecture also eliminate frequent additions or changes to computing resources that can often be required to optimize system performance.

Advanced Cybersecurity Plus Immutable Storage

With the new N Series, you get proven recovery and market-leading Sophos cybersecurity to protect the backup system. It also includes signature-based and signatureless malware detection, a deep learning neural network, anti-exploit technology, CryptoGuard anti-ransomware, and WipeGuard technologies to stop the broadest range of threats. Now you can back up data on a security-hardened platform, isolate backups from their production environment, and safeguard your backups with immutable storage.

“Arcserve is removing the 'do it yourself' complexity of building and strategizing a comprehensive data protection solution that includes a resilient platform, scalability needs for an expanding protection landscape, and cyber security needs,” said Matt Urmston, executive vice president of product management, at Arcserve. “Arcserve is the only vendor that can currently offer this solution in a fully integrated fashion.”

 To learn more, read the Arcserve N Series Appliances data sheet. Choose an expert Arcserve technology partner to help you put the right data protection solution in place for your specific needs.

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