Easily Protect and Manage your IT Infrastructure with Arcserve Unified Data Protection

APRIL 6TH, 2021

Today’s enterprises struggle to protect and manage increasingly complex IT infrastructures. With separate storage, servers, and networking components—not to mention all of the public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises options—it is nearly impossible for IT teams to have full visibility into all of the systems and moving parts they are responsible for.

Traditional security solutions are expensive and labor-intensive. And at a time when companies are trying to do more with less—both budget- and staff-wise— investing in infrastructure protection often gets moved to the back burner.

Currently, businesses are dealing with a wide variety of threats. Some are malicious, such as the wave of pandemic-themed phishing schemes, and some are just bad luck, such as human error and increasingly severe weather events.

Regardless of the source, these threats all have the potential to deal a damaging blow to your infrastructure and, by extension, your organization’s sensitive user, employee, and company data. 

The good news is, you don’t have to sit around and wait for a disruption or security event to wipe out your data, applications, or systems. You can protect your infrastructure and every type of workload with a centrally managed backup and disaster recovery solution such as Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP).

How Arcserve Unified Data Protection Can Secure Your Infrastructure

Arcserve UDP is a powerful tool in the fight against infrastructure damage, data loss, and corruption. Using diverse, image-based technology, Arcserve UDP protects data as it moves to and from any target. It has a unique combination of features that provide enterprise-level capabilities without the complexity of traditional enterprise solutions.

Here are a few of the ways Arcserve UDP can protect your IT infrastructure and give you peace of mind that disaster recovery is taken care of if and when you need it.

Complete Backup with Advanced Security

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a backup strategy in the overarching conversation about data and infrastructure security. Your backup is the difference between fully recovering from a ransomware attack and paying thousands of dollars (or more!) to clean up the mess and make restitution to the users whose data you left vulnerable. 

Arcserve UDP has backups not only covered, but also highly secured. Some of the features that keep your data safe from theft, corruption, and loss include: 

  • Safeguards for cloud, virtual, physical, hyperconverged, and SaaS-based workloads
  • Block-level, infinite incremental backups
  • Agentless backup for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • AES and SSL encryption
  • Role-based administration

Rapid Restore

If you’ve never experienced an unexpected outage, accidental file deletion, successful ransomware attack, or system update that went horribly wrong, count yourself one of the lucky ones.

If you have lived through one of these unpleasant events, you know firsthand the importance of a rock-solid restore and recovery plan. Arcserve UDP can make the process a lot less scary with several options for quickly recovering and restoring data and infrastructure:

  • Instant VM and bare metal recovery
  • Local and remote virtual standby
  • Application-consistent backup and granular restore
  • Hardware snapshot support

Deep Cloud Integration

Prior to COVID-19, enterprises were moving some applications and infrastructure to the cloud, with long-term plans to move others at an undefined point in time. When 2020 went sideways, many organizations ramped up their digital transformation so fast that the data center construction industry was struggling to keep up with capacity demand.

There is no doubt that the cloud came into its own during the pandemic, and it will continue to play a major role in infrastructure management and data protection. Arcserve UDP offers robust cloud integration that allows organizations to shift some or all of their infrastructure to the cloud, with capabilities including:

  • Integration with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, NTT Enterprise Cloud, or Fujitsu Cloud Service for OSS 
  • Scale up and out to public and private clouds
  • Cloud disaster recovery and deployment 
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup with deduplication

Easy Management with Robust Reporting

We’ve all heard the saying: “You can’t protect what you can’t see.” Yes, it is a bit cliche at this point, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. 

Visibility into every system you manage is key to securing the company’s IT infrastructure from internal and external threats. But with all of the disparate applications and systems IT manages, there is no way to know what is happening without a centralized hub. Arcserve UDP solves this dilemma with simplified management and robust reporting capabilities including:

  • A single web-based UI that lets you deploy and orchestrate all capabilities from one place
  • Easy scaling with policy-based management
  • Automated DR testing and SLA reporting

What’s Next for Enterprise IT Infrastructure Security?

Protecting modern IT infrastructures from the steady stream of new and evolving threats can feel impossible at times. Fortunately, there are solutions such as Arcserve UDP available that can help streamline processes and provide the tools and technology needed to make protecting and managing enterprise infrastructures far less daunting.

Infrastructure and data protection became a lot more complicated when we were hit with a global pandemic. But if businesses want to bounce back stronger, IT teams need to understand what they are up against. Download What's Next? Data Protection in a Post-2020 World to learn how to navigate emerging security threats and keep data secure in our rapidly changing, highly uncertain business environment.