DCIG: The Role of Cloud Consoles and Unified Data Protection in Sustainable Innovation

APRIL 27TH, 2023

Enterprises are reaching a point where they recognize that they must not only find and deploy the latest and greatest technologies. More and more IT leaders are also asking for better options for managing all of the features and technologies they already use, according to leading technology analyst firm DCIG’s Jerome Wendt.

Wendt explains that introducing innovative features and technologies is still most vendors’ mission. But many vendors are pushing to sustain this innovation by employing cloud consoles.

Point Solutions Drive Innovation

Organizations of every size run into challenges that require a new product feature or technology. Point solutions are usually the way those challenges are initially overcome. Wendt also sees new point solutions from startups as a problem for existing technology providers. That's because technology providers that have already achieved a solid market position may not prioritize new features or technologies. They may also make updates that don’t really solve the problem or, worse,  don’t even address the issue. 

Point Solutions Create Problems, Too

Startups developing point solutions that solve problems can cut organizations’ costs or even create new industries, writes Wendt. But every time a point solution is added, it brings its own issues. Managing multiple point solutions adds its own costs and overhead, like software licenses. And some point solutions may need specialized knowledge that makes them difficult to deploy at scale.

Centralized, Unified Data Protection

Wendt notes the recent release of Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) 9.0, which includes Arcserve Cloud Console, centralizes data management and offers advanced recovery features. Cloud Console is a unified, web-based management interface that provides a seamless user experience for protecting organizations. It increases IT productivity and eliminates business continuity strategy gaps in a single solution.

Cloud Console is hosted and maintained in an Arcserve cloud data center, so it doesn’t require manual deployment, installation, or extended time spent on configuration. Users log in and use the interface to perform tasks that help lock down their backups. Users can:

  • Create and define backup policies
  • Configure infrastructure, source groups, and user access controls
  • Manage account resources and users
  • Monitor and analyze all backup and recovery jobs

Arcserve UDP 9.0: Tighter Security, More Robust Backup and Recovery

Strengthened security is another enhancement Arcserve has added to UPD 9.0. That includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) for access to Cloud Console.

Other new Arcserve UDP 9.0 features Wendt points out include the ability to perform full or granular recovery of Oracle Pluggable Databases (PDBs). It also has more robust backup and recovery for Microsoft SQL, with UDP now generating an alert and marking backups as unusable for restores if a consistency check fails.

Cloud Consoles Integral to Innovation

Wendt closes his post by writing that “centralized management, now often delivered in the form of a cloud console, must accompany today’s innovations. The cloud consoles ensure organizations can sustainably administer this innovation no matter where they deploy it in their environment.”

To learn more about Arcserve UDP 9.0 and Arcserve Cloud Console, check out our 30-day free trial offer or request a demo.

Read the complete DCIG article here.

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