DCIG Offers “Safe Assumptions” About Microsoft 365 SaaS Backup: How Arcserve Stacks Up

MARCH 23RD, 2023

According to Statista, as of February 2023, Microsoft Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with 145,844 customers in the United States alone. That translates into an incredible number of companies that could risk losing at least some of their Microsoft 365 data to ransomware and other malware attacks, natural disasters, and other threats.

That’s why a recent post by DCIG analyst Jerome Wendt titled “Safe Assumptions One Can Make About Microsoft 365 SaaS Backup Solutions” caught our eye. The post clarifies that every Microsoft 365 software as a service (SaaS) backup product protects different software components, and each does so differently. That conclusion is based on DCIG’s recently completed research into 25 different Microsoft 365 backup solutions that looked at more than 200 data points for each product in five categories:

  • Anti-ransomware/cyber resilience
  • Backup capabilities
  • Billing, configurations, and licensing
  • Recovery and restore
  • Support

What’s interesting is that the research found that the solutions that were reviewed only shared about five percent of all of the features evaluated. For the remaining features, each solution took a different approach to implementation. DCIG boils down what every solution has in common to three “safe assumptions.”

  • Per-user licensing is standard. How an organization gets charged may not be as straightforward as you’d think, so you must understand what is and isn’t included in your licensing fees.
  • Microsoft Exchange Online mailboxes are one of the best-protected components offered by all the reviewed providers. While you can assume all of the options back up and recover Exchange email messages, folders, and mailboxes, each provider offers different options that may or may not meet your needs.
  • DCIG also says that next day, same day, and phone support is another “safe assumption” you can expect from every vendor. But some companies may want faster response times—from under an hour to under four hours—as an option. Make sure your provider meets your expectations in this vital area.

Wendt concludes that the only “safe assumption” you can make is that Microsoft 365 backup solutions differ considerably. We couldn’t agree more.

Complete Protection for SaaS Data is Possible

We look forward to DCIG’s upcoming release of the TOP 5 reports on the best Microsoft 365 SaaS backup offerings for various use cases. Meanwhile, we are confident we can make the case as to why Arcserve SaaS Backup should be at the top of your list of solutions when evaluating your options against the five categories noted by DCIG.

Anti-Ransomware and Cyber Resilience

First and foremost, Arcserve SaaS Backup is secure by design, with data encrypted in transit and at rest. And it takes just five minutes to set up before protection starts. Your backups are saved in an immutable format using a blockchain-based algorithm, so they can’t be altered or deleted—even by an admin. That ensures cyber resilience and the ultimate in ransomware protection. Single sign-on (SSO) is also easy to set up, allowing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to be added to a configured identity provider.

Backup Capabilities

Arcserve SaaS Backup offers complete protection for SaaS data stored in Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Azure AD, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace. The solution includes a simple interface with neatly organized user and non-user data to facilitate easy navigation, help IT teams work faster and ensure complete control over the protected SaaS data. It’s also easily scalable—up to millions of users—to meet your SaaS backup needs.

Billing, Configurations, and Licensing

Arcserve offers the most cost-effective SaaS backup solution, with a single price per seat that includes all SaaS data protection functionalities. That includes unlimited retention of your backups to comply with regional, industry and company policies throughout the life of your subscription. You also get limitless data storage in an online cloud tier, allowing fast access, restores, and 30-day delete retention to protect you from inadvertent deletions or ransomware attacks. And there are no additional charges for data traffic: ingress, egress, or transaction fees.

Arcserve SaaS Backup also offers multi-tenant and role-based access control (RBAC), so whether you’re a managed services provider (MSP) or a large enterprise that requires better controls, you’ve got options. The solution is also fully auditable, with operations like restores, downloads, GDPR compliance-support labels, and other functions recorded in an audit log.

Recovery and Restore

Arcserve is an industry leader in data resilience, protection, recovery, and restoration. Arcserve SaaS Backup offers versatile restore options, whether you need to restore terabytes of data or just a few objects. A universal restore view gives you a complete overview of all backup sets, with available search functionality that reaches across all historical data sets, whether recently backed up or archived long ago.  And restore options include in-place restore, PST download, in-place archives, cross-user restore, bulk data download, shareable user link, and SharePoint cross-site restore.


Arcserve didn’t become a leader in data resilience, protection, backup, and recovery by leaving our customers hanging when they need us most. Scan our success stories; you’ll find plenty of testimonials about our commitment to our customers. And when you choose a support plan with Arcserve, you can count on our presence when you need us most.

As one Arcserve customer put it, “We like Arcserve SaaS Backup because it was easy to set up and use, particularly from the perspective of a managed services provider. The added cost to a Microsoft 365 deployment is relatively insignificant, but when something goes wrong, Arcserve SaaS Backup is worth its weight in gold.”

To learn more about Arcserve SaaS Backup, check out our 30-day free trial offer and on-demand demo.

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