Coming Soon Arcserve & StorageCraft: The New Business Continuity Leader


Arcserve & StorageCraft: The New Business Continuity Leader

You will soon have a better choice and an easier path to complete business continuity. Because today, Arcserve and StorageCraft have announced they have signed a definitive agreement to merge and create one of the world’s largest business continuity companies. Once the merger is completed, we will become the new global business continuity powerhouse, offering the broadest portfolio of data protection and management solutions available under one roof.


A New Era of Data Management and Protection

The scary reality: global data storage is projected to exceed 200 zettabytes by 2025, and cybercriminals are forecast to attack a new business every 11 seconds this year. But instead of pulling together an ad-hoc approach to solving these challenges, you have one vendor to ensure you won’t need to rip and replace as requirements change or your infrastructure evolves.

The combined organization will offer a single source to protect on- and -off-premises workloads, hybrid, hyperconverged, edge, and multi-cloud infrastructures, among others. One ecosystem of solutions spanning immutable storage, hybrid and converged data management, cloud-native BaaS/DRaaS, multi-cloud and SaaS protection, real-time replication, and workload migration (among others).

Simply put, a new era of data management and protection is here.

Certainty for Today and Tomorrow

In the months following the completion of the merger, you’ll see us quickly integrate our deep experience, IP, and development investments to enrich our existing portfolio while planning for the next generation of data challenges. This rapid innovation means a fast-track to continuous availability across every platform and location for a holistic approach to managing unrelenting data growth, complexity, and risk.

While there’s much more to come, you can be certain that the services and solutions we offer now will be supported in the future. You can be confident that the single-vendor model will give you simplicity, agility, and cost-effectiveness at your location or across your organization. And you can expect that we’ll be at the forefront of data protection – solving tomorrow’s data challenges today.

Welcome to a better and more certain data protection future.