Best Business Continuity Certifications For IT Pros

APRIL 25TH, 2017
So you're a business continuity expert. I'll take your word for it, but will potential customers? Maybe, maybe not. Nothing speaks to your expertise like verified credentials that validate your qualifications. Certificates are useful for those looking to solidify their position as a service provider, or for breaking into a new field. At StorageCraft, simply using the backup & recovery software qualifies you for free access to the StorageCraft Academy. The Academy is rich with courses that teach business continuity and disaster recovery best practices. So if you work in a StorageCraft-powered environment, we have many courses to help with training. If you're looking to become a certified expert and save the day, here's a few business continuity classes to help.


If there was a must-have certification on this list, the Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) would be it. It has a comprehensive approach to BC education and training. It is the most highly sought after certification in the industry. The course covers the best practices for business continuity planning and disaster preparedness. You'l learn: developing, testing and managing BC programs. You'll also aquire a vast knowledge of industry terminology and recent trends in related fields such as IT security.Certification Requirements: At least two years of experience in a minimum of five professional practice areas recognized for BC planners. Must apply for re-certification every two years.


Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) is a general standard that certifies knowledge and understanding of established BC practices. It's also an entry-level requirement for those looking to become certified members of the Institute. It is an internationally recognized standard, and it helps experts create a compliant and resilient architecture for their organizations. CBCI is a prestigious designation in African, Asian, and European nations.Certification Requirements: Receive a pass score on a single exam testing business continuity knowledge in accordance to the BCI's Good Practice Guidelines. Must apply for re-certification every three years.


The Master Business Continuity Professional certification (MBCP) is the highest level of certification from DRI International. DRI International is a global leader in BC education. A certified MBCP professional has demonstrated advanced knowledge of business continuity management and a high degree of expertise in the field. This certificate has the most stringent requirements. But those who achieve certification will have earned credentials that elevate them beyond the competition.Certification Requirements: At least five years experience in a minimum of seven professional practice areas recognized for BC planners. You'll need an annual renewal fee in order to maintain certification.


The Certified Business Continuity Auditor (CBCA) certification is for professionals who specialize in reviewing the effectiveness of business continuity programs either internally or externally. Their knowledge and expertise encompasses BC planning as well as emergency management and validating disaster recovery strategies. The ability to thrive amid rapidly changing industry standards makes a CBCA a valuable addition to any firm.Certification Requirements: At least two years of documented experience in a minimum of three professional practice areas recognized for BC planners. You will pay an annual renewal fee in order to maintain certification.


Certified Functional Continuity Professional (CFCP) is available for professionals with specialized BC expertise. Common examples include business resilience, disaster recovery testing, and risk assurance. CFCP certification is a valuable set of credentials to have for organizations or individuals targeting a narrow market of clients or career opportunities.Certification Requirements: At least two years experience in three professional practice areas recognized for BC planners. Requires an annual renewal fee in order to maintain certification.


The Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV) certification is not only reserved for service providers, but IT engineers, software developers, sales reps, and other professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of the field. This designation shows that you are not necessarily a planner or practitioner, but an entity that understands the importance of business continuity. As a vendor, CBCV certification lets potential customers know that you share their dedication and have the documented experience to prove it.Certification Requirements: Receive a pass score on a single exam testing one's knowledge against established practices for professional business continuity planners. An annual renewal fee is required in order to maintain this certification.

7. ISO 22301

Introduced in 2012, ISO 22301 is one of the newest certifications in the business continuity community. This standard is essentially a framework designed to help IT professionals plan, implement and manage business continuity efforts in their respective organizations. As a global standard, this particular certification is recognized the world over and applicable to all organizations regardless of type, size, or industry. According to recent research by the Business Continuity Institute, ISO 22301 is currently used by 51 percent of organizations.Certification Requirements: At least five years experience of documented experience in managing business continuity systems. Must apply for re-certification every three years.

Business Continuity Certifications Costs

Most of these business continuity certifications will require a training or testing fee, and further fees in renewing them every few years. Expect to pay from a few hundred dollars to over $3,000, depending on the type of certification and length of training. But don't worry too much about costs. Most job boards are ripe with business continuity planner or disaster recovery expert positions. You'll certainly get your investment back many times over. And the fact that a crisis can literally occur out of the blue means your skills will always be in demand. Once you graduate, don't forget to partner up with a reliable backup & disaster recovery vendor for smooth recovery.