Backup Review: Arcserve Named the Top Cloud Backup Solution

MAY 11TH, 2022

The cloud backup market is projected to grow to more than $4 billion between 2022 and 2028—a 12.5 percent CAGR. There are plenty of good reasons businesses are making investments in cloud backup solutions. More on that later. But first, we are proud to share that Arcserve was at the top of the list of the Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies for SMBs from Backup Review. With so many cloud backup options, Backup Review’s goal is to help companies choose the best online backup provider for their specific needs. The Top 100 is broken into four categories: consumer, small and medium business (SMB), enterprise, and enablers. Arcserve was number one in cloud backup for SMBs and a top 10 provider for enterprises and enablers.

Here are the factors that came into play during the selection process:

  • Cost per GB
  • Cost per PC or account
  • Security
  • Speed (backup and restore)
  • Reliability
  • Uptime
  • Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Accessibility
  • Company Financial standing

Arcserve Cloud Direct: Checking All the Boxes

Starting with the first bullet, cloud backup makes good economic sense. Consider that Arcserve Cloud Direct cloud backup is available for as little as $50/TB per month. And Arcserve Cloud Direct is the only direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (BaaS/DRaaS) that gives you comprehensive data protection, consumer-like ease of use, and doesn’t require any hardware on-premises. It’s also scalable and flexible, giving you always-on continuity with industry-best RTOs and RPOs.

Built as a cloud-native software as a service (SaaS) solution, Arcserve Cloud Direct solves the problems SMBs (and distributed enterprises) often face. That is, making the choice between a solution that delivers fast recovery times (RTOs) but can lead to the loss of hours or days of data (RPOs) or maintaining high system availability while struggling with high costs and more complexity.

Arcserve Cloud Direct lets you easily manage your backup and disaster recovery (DR) and restore service-level agreements (SLAs) from a simple, web-based UI. You can protect any system and application from data loss and get back in business faster.

Arcserve Cloud Direct BaaS

Arcserve Cloud Direct BaaS reliably protects your data without the cost and maintenance headaches of hardware, energy, and IT resources. Whether we’re talking physical or virtual, databases or server images, Arcserve BaaS fully protects you against data loss with minimal disruptions. Arcserve Cloud Direct Baas lets you:

  • Setup and manage all deployments with a few clicks
  • Scale infinitely without adding appliances or storage sub-systems
  • Capture all data on your servers with image backups
  • Minimize system resource usage with advanced threat detection and multithreaded transport
  • Automatically transfer large data sets safely offsite without little or no ongoing IT oversight
  • Eliminate ransomware impacts with continuous third-party vulnerability scans, SSL encryption, and other controls
  • Go back in time to multiple recovery points and restore error-free in minutes

Arcserve Cloud Direct DRaaS

Arcserve Cloud Direct DRaaS gives you always-on coverage against downtime, whether you’ve lost a server or your entire environment. Arcserve DRaas:

  • Replicates your network in the cloud, no matter how complex, while giving you push-button failover to keep your business running
  • Guarantees your systems or entire environment keeps running during an outage with access to email, SQL, and business software with point-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Makes it easy for you to manage users and reports, back up, restore, and recover systems and applications from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Gives you a high-performing virtual server instance in sub-five minutes while giving your near-zero data loss with sub-15-minute RPOs
  • Offers you agentless backup for your VMware clusters with Arcserve’s Virtual Appliance for VMware, which deploys to the hypervisor and automatically detects and backs up all guest VMs

Under the Hood

Arcserve Cloud Direct works by installing a lightweight agent on your local servers and replicates data in its native file format. The result is a complete backup of the server image, including OS, files, directories, and applications. Your data is transferred directly over the internet to the Arcserve Cloud—no need for an appliance or local staging drive. After your initial backup, only changed data is sent.

You can easily manage your data and multiple tenants anytime and anywhere, with complete visibility with the centralized, self-service console. If you need to restore your data, you just choose from multiple server image recovery points to recover a server in the Arcserve Cloud as a VM.

MSPs: Arcserve Cloud Backup Review a Leading Pure Enabler

Backup Review also included Arcserve Cloud in its top 10 list of cloud backup “pure enablers.” Pure enablers work with managed services providers (MSPs) to provide cloud backup as a white-label service without channel conflicts. They may also partner with distributors and value-added resellers (VARs). Arcserve is committed to working with these channel partners because of the broad expertise and product portfolios they bring to their customers from across the IT spectrum.

Check Out Cloud Direct

If you’re ready to dig into Arcserve Cloud Direct today, sign up for our 15-day free trial, no credit card required or find an expert Arcserve MSP technology partner. If you’re an MSP, distributor, or VAR looking to add the leading cloud backup to your portfolio of offerings, learn how to become an Arcserve technology partner.

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