Backing Up Your Cloud Data: Why it is Crucial

Whether it’s been internally developed or sourced from elsewhere, a lot of businesses are storing their data on the cloud. It's not hard to see why, there are a plethora of benefits to cloud storage, including its accessibility from remote locations, and the ease of incorporating the cloud into one's disaster recovery strategy. It seems like third-party cloud providers, including Microsoft’s Office 365 and G Suite Data, are taking the world by storm. More than 120 million commercial users stay connected with Office 365. Though G Suite hasn’t hit those numbers, the platform boasts over 4 million paying customers. Needless to say, a large chunk of global businesses are moving forward with the cloud. That could be for reasons to do with larger storage capacity or more cohesive functionality between products.
However, as for those businesses that are using these platforms as part of their DR solution, the question remains, “Will I be protected with what I’ve got from my third-party cloud provider if I require data recovery?” Unless you’ve taken steps to properly back up your third-party cloud data elsewhere, the answer is a hard “no”. The reasons to back up your cloud data are plenty. These are only a few:
  • Cloud providers will rarely give software that properly sorts, replicates, and backs up every piece of data you upload or produce. To maintain the essentials you’ll need to restore in the case you go dark, it's important to use an alternate method of backing up.
  • Human error can cause a lot of problems for companies that use external cloud providers. This can play out in many ways. Either someone leaks their password to the cloud platform or they mess around in files, deleting ones not meant to be deleted. The only way you can survive through these catastrophes is by backing up to a source outside of your cloud. This should a place that's easily recovered if an employee makes a bad decision.
  • Ransomware is a real threat that’s simple for hackers to administer through a phishing email. Once an email is cloned and a password is obtained, your data can be held for ransom completely out of your reach. Unless, of course, you’ve backed up to a site away from your third-party cloud platform to keep it safe and easy-to-recover.
StorageCraft is the data recovery pro. With our Cloud Backup, you can always recover your Office 365 or G Suite files no matter when disaster strikes. Plus, we’ll help you create a DR strategy that’s right for your business, ensuring your data are accessible no matter the time or place you need them. Contact us today for more details on our solutions and products, or request a free demo of ShadowXafe and OneXafe.

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