Arcserve RHA SP6 Is Now Available – Check out the New Goodies!

MAY 15TH, 2017

I am very pleased to announce that we have released a new Service Pack for RHA. You can download this new version here . In this release, we are rolling out improved Linux support, improved audit capabilities, – user names for all major operations get logged, ACL groups are made configurable, improved security, enhanced cloud support for AWS, and additional platform support:

Improved Linux Support

  • Recent versions of RHEL and CentOS (6.x and 7.x)
  • Unified installation packages for RHEL and CentOS
  • Miscellaneous performance enhancements

Improved Audit Capabilities

  • User name is added in the events log message for critical events / operations
  • Group name of ACL users is configurable

Improved Security

  • Updated encryption to AES-256
  • Self-signed certificates generated using SHA-256

Improved Cloud Support

  • FSHA scenario support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the China region

Additional Platform Support

  • For Windows 2016, File Server and Full System scenarios are supported.
  • vSphere 6.5 is supported as Full System scenario target hypervisor platform.
  • XenServer 6.5 is supported as Full System scenario target hypervisor platform

For more details on RHA and access to the download, please go here