Arcserve Free Endpoint Backup Solution – It’s Here!!


In a previous professional life, I had the opportunity to launch a laptop and desktop solution. I learned so much about all of the IP and data that’s “roaming around” or just sitting on a desk, unprotected.  In typical organizations, most data resides outside the data center, so it is important that the protection of desktop and laptop computers be given the same priority as file servers and application servers.

I am very pleased to announce that as part of Update 2 of our Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) Solution, we are also delivering a FREE edition of our endpoint backup product.

What will be available in a couple of weeks or so is a free, fully-functional Workstation edition product for local disk or remote share as backup target. Recovery Point Server (RPS) support with deduplication is also included as a 30 day trial.

What do you get with UDP Workstation? A ton of value for endpoint backup!!

  • Easy to use console, with centralized monitoring, management and deployment capability
  • Bare Metal Recovery capabilities
  • Support for local disk or CIFS (share) backup
  • Global deduplication (expires after 30 days, but it’s an easy upgrade)
  • Block level, Infinite Incremental (I2 Technology™) for faster backups and compression
  • Support for desktop/laptop Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Cloud support: users can send their files to Windows Azure, Fujitsu Cloud, Amazon S3 and Eucalyptus-Walrus

How does Arcserve compare to Veeam’s beta product?

Veeam recently announced an endpoint solution that is available only in beta today.  The final product will be available next year.

From what we gathered, this solution falls short in a number of areas:

  • Unlike Arcserve UDP FREE Workstation edition which simply upgrades to a full, unified solution, Veeam’s product is not part of its Backup & Replication or the Availability Suite. This means there is no way to upgrade or attach your workstation to the bigger data protection schema should you want to. It’s truly a standalone product, with no centralized deployment, no management or monitoring capability.
  • It can do only simple backup, which means overwriting backups, vs. incremental backups with UDP workstation.
  • No global deduplication
  • No public cloud support

Conclusion: a whole lot of marketing fluff but little “stuff.”

So don’t wait – get the REAL thing now – click here (or fill out the form on this page) to register to be the first to receive Arcserve UDP FREE Workstation edition