Announcing: Email Archiving

APRIL 25TH, 2017

I am very pleased to announce the availability of a custom-built new email archiving solution, available through our flagship Arcserve UDP solution portfolio. The new solution, Arcserve UDP Archiving, addresses a critical function for organizations of all sizes, which like enterprise organizations, have critical needs for email search, compliance, and regulatory and corporate governance requirements.

Arcserve UDP Archiving was built from the ground up by archiving experts, and gives small and overstretched IT teams the freedom to optimize operational efficiency and reduce costs by configuring and managing all aspects of their data protection and archiving strategies through a single, elegantly simple user console.

Easily meet compliance requirements

A common challenge for users of cloud email services is understanding how the provider is archiving their emails for legal investigations and compliance requirements. For example, many move to a cloud solution but soon face questions on where to store Exchange journal email. It’s only after the migration to the cloud email service that many realize a third-party email archive must be the recipient for the journal email.

With Arcserve UDP Archiving, users can easily capture Exchange journal email and store it at a location outside of Office 365.

Diminish legal risk

Email is a common target for legal discovery due to its popularity as a communication tool. Quite often, the key evidence for a legal dispute is contained within an email and/or attachment, making email servers a common target of legal search and discovery. That said, basic search tools for full text search, hit highlighting, tagging and case management are often not supported – never mind the fact that email servers are designed for end users who commonly delete email.

In contrast, Arcserve UDP Archiving is different; it’s designed with powerful search and discovery tools to preserve email and eliminate the ability to delete archive email. Emails can be tagged, saved and exported for legal discovery, retention rules automatically manage the email lifecycle, and legal holds keep email evidence secure for legal matters.

Optimize email storage

With traditional on-premise email server deployments, the IT administrator purchases the server and storage, and thus, has direct control of their costs. In contrast, cloud email service providers offer the storage (for example, Microsoft in the case of Office 365 and Google in the case of Gmail). When moving to a cloud email service, many IT administrators will migrate legacy archive email to the cloud; however, depending on the number of mailboxes, this can be quite a lot of email. Further, there will likely be many inactive mailboxes that belonged to former employees for example, and that must be kept for legal and regulatory requirements.

By using Arcserve UDP Archiving, IT administrators benefit from low cost storage of old archive email for business and legal requirements.

Microsoft Office 365

Many organizations have, or are planning to move an on-premise Exchange Server to Office 365. However, depending on the chosen plan, mailbox storage may be limited and the organization is still relying on 100% uptime from the service provider. For this reason, the, best practice is to keep a copy of your email in a safe location as protection against possible failure or security breach.

Arcserve UDP Archiving ensures that no matter where your email is stored, it’s protected and can be accessed 24/7.

Arcserve UDP Archiving

Arcserve UDP Archiving Diagram

For more information and details on the only email archiving solution you’ll ever need, please visit our website, download our whitepaper or register for our informational webinar.