7 Ways OneXafe 4400 Is Perfect for Secondary Storage

OCTOBER 19TH, 2021

Driven by business needs, every IT pro has a clear set of performance and availability requirements for primary storage. Apps have to meet user demands, and data has to be quickly accessible to keep things moving. Those drivers force you to ensure your hardware and software can meet those expectations. But while there are plenty of options for secondary storage, you may not be as clear as to what kind of system would work best for your specific needs. With that in mind, here are some of the key reasons to consider the StorageCraft OneXafe 4400 series for secondary storage.

1.    Unified Data Protection with Storage Management

Arcserve OneXafe is a scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution that simplifies data management while optionally paired with enterprise-class data protection. This object-based storage solution provides the simplicity of Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB). At the same time, OneXafe’s unified architecture makes managing your data easier and lowers your secondary storage operational storage costs.

2.    Eliminate Wasted Storage

A seamless scale-out architecture that supports one or multiple OneXafe nodes in a cluster and a single global file system makes it easy to scale your storage to hold terabytes (TB) and petabytes (PB) of unstructured data. That makes OneXafe perfect as a backup target. OneXafe offers you enterprise features that include global inline deduplication and compression, reducing your storage space requirements. And with continuous data protection, you don't need to allocate dedicated storage for data protection anymore. OneXafe is incredibly agile, too, making it simple for you to add any number of disk drives at any time and in any capacity to meet your storage requirements. Installation is simple, too, and you can grow your global storage pool without any configuration changes—and without any application downtime. Forget about forklift upgrades.

3.    Dynamic Growth Without Disruptions

You can even bring your own drives into the mix with OneXafe, with the ability to use drive types like SATA and SAS interchangeably within the same OneXafe node and a OneXafe cluster. OneXafe automatically pools the new storage with the existing global file in minutes—without reconfiguration. Most importantly, there are no disruptions to applications or users, no configuration settings to figure out, no command-line entries. Say goodbye to RAID, LUNs, and volumes.

4.    Cloud-Based Management

OneXafe features OneSystem, a secure, cloud-based management platform that proactively monitors and manages OneXafe from anywhere from any browser. That eliminates the need for dedicated servers and time-consuming software upgrades. All you do is log in to gain insights into and manage your storage infrastructure—whether that includes a single location or global offices.

5.    Agile, Affordable, and Easy

Because OneXafe treats drives as a commodity, you can buy off-the-shelf drives and avoid the substantial markups that legacy storage vendors typically charge. That delivers immediate savings. And OneXafe can be installed and available to users in less than five minutes without configuration. Setup is easy—insert at least three drives, plug in Ethernet and power, and turn it on. Application downtime and configuration changes—including when replacing failed drives—are a thing of the past. And to add more storage, you simply install drives, and the capacity is added to the global file system. OneXafe nodes can also be added and automatically configured without interrupting applications or users. That gives you non-disruptive scalability for your secondary storage.

6.    Continuous Data Protection

Protecting the data in your secondary storage is critical for both recovery and compliance. With continuous data protection—taking continuous and unlimited immutable snapshots of information that’s written to OneXafe every 90 seconds—every file can be recovered in the event of data corruption, deletion, ransomware, or human error. Immutable snapshots can't be altered or deleted, so you can count on them being available when needed. End users can even recover their own information simply by navigating through Finder on a Mac and Windows Explorer on PCs. They just browse and recover.

7.    Integrated Data Protection

OneXafe gives you the option to enable and configure enterprise-class data protection for your secondary storage. So if disaster strikes, business continuity is ensured when used with Arcserve Unified Data Protection.

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