4 Technologies That Will Change IT in 2020

Tech will always be evolving. With 2020 knocking on our front door, it’s time to think about the tech that’s going to shape it. What will change about IT infrastructure, security, and productivity throughout next year? Here are four technologies that will make an impact.

Proliferation of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming a business powerhouse, and many MSPs are taking note. Could AI as a Service be your next big offering? AI has gone far beyond the virtual assistants on our devices, and the benefits for many businesses are huge. Mundane tasks that used to require a whole team can now be automated with machine-learning algorithms. Understanding vast data sets used to require hours of spreadsheet kung fu, but data sets can now be organized and visualized in real time. Sophisticated cyberattacks can be disarmed thanks to AI-powered cyberdefense. In 2020, we’ll continue to unlock new uses for AI, and we’ll be astonished by the ways it can help businesses provide better customer experiences, insights, and more.

Data Analytics for Large and Small

The tech world has been abuzz about big data for years. The possibilities of data analytics are boundless, and the technology is getting more powerful. In 2020, we’ll continue to see big advancements in data analytics such as:
  • Analysis automation – Soon, companies will be able to automate many data-related tasks and use data to see farther into the future.
  • IoT & data analytics – Sensor networks, mobile devices, and edge devices can gather huge data sets. Combine this data with analytics platforms and businesses can learn many valuable insights about their organizations, competition, and so on.


  • Data as a Service – According to IDC, 90 percent of large organizations will earn revenue from data-related services in 2020. If you’re not thinking about where you fit, you’d better start.
Remember, enterprises aren’t the only ones that can benefit from data analytics. With solutions becoming more affordable and user-friendly, even small businesses can take advantage. MSPs that can help by providing Data Analytics as a Service can profit immensely.

AR, VR, and Immersive Experiences

AR and VR have incredible potential for businesses. Businesses can use AR to create customized experiences for shoppers in retail spaces, or even give travelers tailored information at airports, train stations, and so on. Advertisers are even using AR to create unique experiences for their customers—just look at the Burger King AR app that “burns” their competitors’ advertisements when you point your camera at them. Experiences like these are fun, and they give the brand that built them a lot of attention. Immersive tech still has a long way to go, but it’ll soon unlock a ton of possibilities.

5G Network Planning

Major carriers are rolling out 5G capabilities in test markets next year. To get ahead, many companies are working on 5G strategies by asking questions like: What will increased speeds and bandwidth mean for mobile productivity? How will 5G improve my ability to gather and use data from the field? How does more field data impact our hardware? What must we upgrade or retire to handle an onslaught of data? Companies must position themselves to take advantage of the increase in data by creating architectures that can capture and process it. Those that don’t will miss out on the valuable insights data can provide.ConclusionWith Q4 under way, it’s time to think about what’s in store for next year. The technologies listed above are just a few that will change the way we think about IT in 2020. Others include containers and micro services, blockchain and supply chain management solutions, edge computing, unified communication, and more. With so many exciting new advancements, which direction will your MSP firm go? There’s no better time to find out.

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