4 Benefits of Using the Cloud for Disaster Recovery

APRIL 1ST, 2019
Businesses are using the cloud for all sorts of things these days. From data storage to remote workspaces and big data analysis, the cloud can benefit a company in a myriad of ways — one being data backup and recovery. At StorageCraft, we use the cloud to back up your files for quick and easy recovery. We believe it’s one of the ultimate ways to prepare your business in case it goes dark. Why?
  1. It’s Cost Efficient

Cloud recovery is one of, if not the most, cost-effective method on the market. It can be quite costly to create a whole new repository for data and maintain it for years and years without anything even going wrong to have any use for it. The cloud, on the other hand, has low start-up costs and low maintenance fees as well. It can be used to house files in other capacities, too. You’ll be seeing the savings in no time.
  1. Turnaround Times are Fast

If a security breach does happen, a lot of files can be recovered quickly from the cloud. Plus, files are generally uploaded on a minute-to-minute basis by cloud providers. That means you’ll have the latest copies of your data ready to use in no time after disaster strikes.
  1. There’s No One Location Needed

When companies hold their data backups on servers in the same building as their main office, they run the risk of losing it all if a natural disaster or fire hits the building. Even just backing up data to a site in the same city as your office can be dangerous. When hurricane Sandy hit New York, hundreds of companies went dark with no ability to recover, since the buildings where their backups were held also went dark. With the cloud, the whole world becomes your recovery site, since the technology can accompany you on any device, in any place, and will always be available to you.
  1. You Can Back Up an Entire Server

Virtualization allows you to back up a whole server and move those backups offsite wherever and whenever you choose. Take everything from your hardware, including applications, files, patches and operating systems, and make them easier to share with clients on a virtual server — no hardware or software reloads required. At StorageCraft, we help SMBs with their disaster recovery strategies, from backups to data restoration. Our disaster recovery cloud is always available to clients who need to recover copies of their files. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help your business stay safe no matter what comes your way.

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