Guaranteed Data Recovery From a Ransomware Attack or Your Money Back

Like most Data Protection vendors, at Arcserve we have many customers that have unfortunately been hit by one or more Ransomware attacks. However, unlike other Data Protection vendors, when an Arcserve Solution secured by Sophos is implemented and aligned with our 3-2-1 best practice approach, we guarantee that one or more copies of your data will always be available for recovery in the event of a ransomware attack, or your money back.

Arcserve is providing Money Back Guarantee Program because we stand behind our Products and Best Practices and have absolute confidence that when the Arcserve Solution is implemented with our 3-2-1 best practices, secured by Sophos, one or more copies of your data will be available for recovery in the event of a ransomware cyber-attack.

In the event a copy is not available for recovery and all terms and conditions of this Offer are met, Arcserve will refund the monies received for the purchase of the Arcserve solution.

Offer Requirements

This Offer is limited to businesses who have purchased Arcserve Product (Appliance, Cloud or UDP 8) secured by Sophos with Money Back Guarantee through an Arcserve Authorized distributors or resellers on or after March 22nd, 2021 and followed Arcserve Implementation Best Practices.

1. The customer must implement a 3-2-1 best practice data backup strategy:

  • 3 x copies of the backup image
  • 2 x of these copies in two different locations
  • 1 x copy offsite in an ‘air gapped’ repository, removal storage media, secured cloud, copy unplugged from network

2. Arcserve UDP implementation must follow Arcserve guidelines and best practice.

  • This must include implementing the UDP platform ‘off domain’
  • This requires having at least one system administrator responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Arcserve UDP solution and this individual must take the designated Arcserve Certified Training courses

3. Sophos Intercept X Advanced software must be installed and activated on the UDP platform according to Arcserve best practice (must be using Arcserve security software).

4. Solution must be under an active maintenance contract.

5. All Arcserve software and Sophos software must be kept up to date with the latest security patches.

6. Customer must agree to Arcserve Data Protection Audit during installation process of the purchased solution to confirm that all steps identified above have been implemented satisfactorily.

7. Audit report must be signed by both Arcserve and client.


Claim eligibility verification process:

1. Customer had implemented Arcserve guidelines and best practice during installation process, and Implementation Best Practices Audit had been conducted, documented and signed by Arcserve and Customer.

2. Customer had incurred a validated ransomware cyber-attack and raised an Arcserve Support Case following all standard procedures through

3. Customer has lost access to the data that is protected by the Arcserve solution purchased with this guarantee.

4. Customer cannot recover a copy of the data from any of the data stores that are protected by the Arcserve solution purchased with this guarantee.

5. Customer has an active maintenance agreement for the Arcserve solution purchased with this guarantee.

If Arcserve Technical Support deems that a copy of customer’s data is not available for recovery, customer is eligible to file a claim

Claim submission:

1. Claim Form will be available through support case – Manage Your Case > “Arcserve Money Back Guarantee Claim Form”

2. Customer must provide all details and required supporting documentation as requested by the Claim Form.

3. Submitted Claim form will be reviewed by Arcserve Sales and pre-sales team.

4. Customer must agree to post-event audit to be conducted by Arcserve pre-sales team to verify their compliance with Arcserve Implementation Best Practices.

5. Post-event Audit findings must be documented and accepted by both parties involved (Arcserve and Customer).

6. If post-event audit findings support Customer’s claim, Arcserve will process customer’s claim and issue a refund, of the moneys paid for the solution.


1. Arcserve will provide the refund directly to customer by bank transfer within 30 days from the date of final approval of the claim based on post-event audit findings.

2. Refunds are based on the net amount paid by customer to the Arcserve Authorized Reseller for the Arcserve solution including fees paid for the software license, appliance and/or cloud services, less promotional offer value if one was used, as applicable.

3. Arcserve will not refund freight, taxes/duties, or any other charges incurred by the customer in receiving the Product.

4. Customer must present the applicable invoice from Arcserve Authorized Reseller and proof of payment to Arcserve Authorized Reseller.

5. Customer is not required to return the product to Arcserve.

6. Customer is limited to one claim per solution purchased.

7. Arcserve decision on all matters relating to the Offer is final. Arcserve reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or discontinue the Offer at any time.

8. If Arcserve discontinues the Offer, Arcserve will process claims made before expiration date of Offer and issue refunds if those claims are accepted.