BIR gets GDPR Ready with Arcserve UDP and Email Archiving

BIR is one of Norway’s largest waste management companies, responsible for waste disposal for approximately 350,000 people across nine municipalities. The company, headquartered in Bergen, also offers commercial waste solutions.

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance on the horizon and an existing backup system that was difficult to manage, BIR decided to look for a more agile solution with email archiving capabilities.

Arcserve UDP backs up a mix of virtual and physical servers to safeguard data across BIR’s 17 offices. The data is deduplicated and replicated to a second site, and Arcserve Archiving ensures it has the capability to comply with GDPR.

BIR’s faster backup and restore windows have freed up time and resources in the IT department. With 80% deduplication, the company is also making cost savings on storage, while ensuring it’s GDPR-ready with comprehensive email archiving.

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