Westinghouse Lighting Corporation: Hurricane Sandy No Match for Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Natural disasters can strike at any moment, just ask Westinghouse. The company found itself directly in the path of Hurricane Sandy. They needed a data protection solution with data centers out of the path of the storm, fast. “We suddenly had keen interest in backing up our most critical data – not just ASAP, but also to a location far enough offsite that Sandy could not impact its availability,” recalls Westinghouse’s IT Supervisor.
Download the case study to learn how Arcserve was able to get Westinghouse’s data backed up offsite in time before the hurricane potentially hit their building. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct BaaS backed up all of Westinghouse’s critical data in roughly eight hours – ensuring it was safely recoverable as Sandy roared over the US East Coast.

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