MSPs: 5 Ways to Prioritize Client Data Security

It’s unlikely that anyone with an email address hasn’t received a phishing email at least once in their online life. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures reports that since 2013, there’s an average of 3.8 million records stolen from data security breaches every day. Open your spam folder or inbox now, and it’s likely you’ll see some form of phishing scam waiting for you to click and take the bait.
Seasoned IT professionals aren’t likely to fall for the trap of an email hacker, but can the same be said for all the employees of an MSP? It should be, no matter their level of experience in the tech world. MSPs rely heavily on their reputation, and if the trust between an MSP and its clients is broken by a breach, that reputation can be difficult to rebuild. That’s why it’s incredibly important to ensure you’re taking every precaution possible to protect your clients’ and your own data if you work IT at an MSP. Here are some ways you can keep all the data in your arsenal out of reach from the grasp of a hacker, especially for your clients:
  1. Tailor Your Clients’ Solutions to Their Industry & Security Needs

If one of your clients regularly uses connected devices on the go, they’ll need a different security strategy than a business who only operates from desktop computers in-office. Determining the best solution for each individual client can significantly lower vulnerabilities. Plus, each industry has different regulatory rules for cybersecurity. As a business that manages IT services, you’ll have to do your due diligence to ensure all the rules are being followed.
  1. Assess Risks & Perform Tests While You Develop Solutions

After you add anything to your client’s security solution, be it a firewall, intrusion detection system, or intrusion protection system, ensure you assess risks and implement tests to determine any holes in your solution. Risks should be analyzed to determine the best mitigation before a vulnerability is exploited.
  1. Maintain a Strong Patching Game

It doesn’t take long for hackers to find vulnerabilities in a security system and take advantage. This is especially true once an update has been made public. Stay on top of your software patches to keep unwanted eyes off your clients’ data.
  1. Teach Your Clients About the Latest Threats

Send reports to your clients about what they and their employees should be watching out for. Whether it’s a new ransomware attack, like WannaCry, or a recent phishing scam that has been circulating, keep your clients in the loop. By doing so, they’ll be more likely to avoid corrupt emails and be on the lookout for threats.
  1. Have a Backup & Recovery Plan in Place

Downtime is a curse for any business, but with the right security strategy in place, it shouldn’t even be a worry. In case of a breach, having readily available data backups that can be easily recovered is non-negotiable. StorageCraft can help you there. We offer disaster recovery cloud services and a variety of solutions perfect for clients in any industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your MSP.