Arcserve: Four 2024 Data Protection and Cybersecurity Predictions


Hugo Parra and Steve Butterfield, VP of product management and VP of engineering, respectively, at Arcserve, have issued a set of 2024 predictions that focus on worrying trends in SaaS, quantum computer hackers, and emerging regulations. 

Here’s what they see ahead:

1. SaaS App Gaps Need to Be Closed

The increasing gap between the number of SaaS apps in use and those with viable data loss strategies continues to widen. With the responsibility to secure major data platforms falling on the end-user, there’s an urgent need for SaaS app backup solutions.

2. Quantum-Resistant Encryption Will Become Vital 

Quantum-resistant encryption will become a crucial feature in cybersecurity products. As quantum computing becomes a reality, businesses will need to prepare now regarding how to protect their proprietary information and prevent quantum-era cyberattacks before damage is done.

3. EU NIS 2 Regulations Will Demand Stronger Data Protections

European countries will incorporate NIS2 into their country’s legislation, which will strengthen security requirements, address the security of supply chains, streamline reporting, and introduce stricter enforcement, leading to potential variations in data protection requirements in the U.S. and beyond.

4. U.S. SEC Added Reporting Requirements That Will Increase Transparency

New SEC regulations require companies affected by ransomware or other data compromises to report these incidents within four business days, especially if the incident impacts stock valuations and investor relations.

While plenty of other changes are on the horizon as generative AI becomes ubiquitous, these are the areas IT pros should be focusing on for 2024.

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