Achieving Integrated Cybersecurity and Data Protection with Arcserve

JULY 8TH, 2021

In early 2020, security experts began noticing a significant increase in cyberattacks, particularly ransomware. Today, more than halfway through 2021, these attacks show no sign of slowing. Several high-profile cyberattacks on critical infrastructure sectors suggest that we are entering a new era of cyberthreats—and the stakes are much higher.

Recent headline-making attacks disrupted supply chains and services for several crucial industries, including:

These attacks were resolved with no long-lasting impact; however, the potential for catastrophic consequences from attacks on core infrastructure can’t be ignored. In May, the U.S. government announced it was taking a harder stance on cyberthreats and asked companies to assist in the initiative by exercising extreme vigilance, notifying the authorities when the business is targeted, and refusing to pay the ransom.

New Cyberthreats Call for New Security Measures

Historically, cybersecurity and data protection were handled as distinct disciplines using separate tools, technologies, and strategies. This approach isn’t effective in detecting and neutralizing new strains of ransomware and other malicious applications. 

Today, the most effective strategy for preventing cyberattacks and minimizing the damage when attacks succeed is an integrated, all-in-one cybersecurity and data protection solution.

9 Ways Arcserve’s All-in-One Security Solutions Provide Multilayer Cyber and Data Protection

There is no silver bullet that can provide 100 percent protection from today’s sophisticated cyberattacks. Instead, IT teams must implement a multilayer defense to block entry to your networks, neutralize breaches quickly, and prevent irreversible data loss. 

All-in-one solutions, such as those offered by Arcserve and secured by Sophos, provide a variety of cybersecurity and data protection capabilities that can withstand attacks from known and unknown threats, protect data from encryption and theft, and jump-start recovery after a security event or unplanned disruption.

Here are nine ways Arcserve helps you layer cybersecurity and data protection to reduce vulnerability, increase resilience, and provide peace of mind.

Reduced Complexity 

Arcserve appliances provide a turnkey, all-in-one solution that eliminates the need to source discrete components. Because they deliver a central interface for backup processes, tools, and infrastructure—and consolidate hardware and software into a single platform—Arcserve appliances are a simple solution to a complex environment.

On-Site and Off-Site Disaster Recovery

Today’s IT environments are typically a mix of different platforms, infrastructures, and workloads, and your disaster recovery plan must be able to restore them all. 

Arcserve solutions offer comprehensive backup, recovery, and high-availability capabilities across all of your systems, on- or off-site, to optimize post-disaster business continuity.

Multiple Secure Backup Options

Without a current, complete copy of your data, one significant weather event, power outage, or cyberattack could potentially put you out of business permanently. 

Arcserve offers a range of secure backup options—immutable, cloud, tape, on-site, and off-site—to protect all of your on-premises, cloud, and SaaS-based workloads. 

AI and Machine Learning Threat Detection Technology

Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, making it impossible to manually track and detect emerging threats. 

Arcserve solutions secured by Sophos Intercept X Advanced combine signature-based and signatureless malware detection, a deep learning neural network, and anti-exploit technology to provide a highly accurate, predictive defense against existing and never-before-seen malware. 

Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest

Data encryption is a key component of a multilayer cyber defense strategy. Encryption not only renders your data unreadable to unauthorized viewers but also helps your organization stay in compliance with data privacy regulations and builds user trust.

Arcserve solutions encrypt backups and files at rest and in transit using advanced AES-256, AES-192, and AES-128, as well as SSL connection encryption throughout the entire backup infrastructure and beyond. 

Multi-Petabyte Scalability

Response to the global pandemic created a tsunami of data that organizations then had to store, process, and protect. 

With more than 3PBs of effective capacity, Arcserve X Series appliances take the flood of data in stride by providing all-in-one data protection and cybersecurity capabilities and eliminating data growth worries.

Orchestrated Recovery

Orchestrated recovery is essential to ensure critical servers, applications, and their dependencies come back online automatically after a disruption.

Arcserve’s all-in-one solutions let you designate priority, order, and timing of the recovery process so IT teams are free to focus on restoring functions that require human intervention.

Push-Button or Automated Failover and Failback

Redundancy is crucial to maintaining business continuity during and after an unplanned disruption. Arcserve’s replication and high-availability capabilities provide push-button and automated failover/failback functions so there is little to no downtime for business-critical operations.

Solutions Backed by Deeply Knowledgeable Product Support

Arcserve has 30 years of experience providing data protection solutions to global businesses. Support for all of our solutions comes standard with three decades of deep industry knowledge and unparalleled issue resolution capabilities.

Future-Proof Security and Data Protection 

Your old approaches to cybersecurity and data protection won’t insulate your organization from today’s threats. A multilayer, all-in-one solution is the only real way to fight back and secure your business-critical systems, applications, and data.

Download Your Guide to a Ransomware-Free Future to learn actionable, forward-facing best practices to help prevent and neutralize today’s biggest cyberthreats.