Managed Service Providers

Embrace Standardization With Innovative Solutions

Boost efficiencies. Scale easily. Maximize profits and revenue.

Finding the Perfect Fit: The Struggle Is Real

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) know that managing products from multiple vendors is a time sink on the organization, driving complexity up and service desk profitability down. But, even with the knowledge of how important standardization is, choosing the right solution portfolio for an MSP’s managed offering remains a challenge.

Over 80 percent of MSPs believe their organization is at risk of losing out on opportunities should they miss the mark on getting their service portfolio right or on being able to deliver new services faster and better. In the data protection category specifically, three out of four MSPs offer more than one solution in their portfolio. Why? Most likely due to varying customer requirements and levels of environmental complexity—virtual vs. physical, on-premises vs. cloud, agent vs. agentless, etc.

Standardize on Arcserve

Arcserve is changing the standardization game within the data protection and management category. One vendor. One choice. Arcserve empowers MSPs to fully take advantage of the opportunity presented with the exploding data management and protection market. Our next-generation data management and protection solutions keep customer data safe, accessible, and optimized, at any level of complexity, across any environment.

Arcserve offers MSPs a single source of business continuity solutions spanning the entire business continuity category, from on-premises to their journey to the cloud. This means a right-fit solution for all businesses, regardless of size, vertical, requirements, or complexity. Our approach lets you fully embrace standardization within your organization.

Why Standardize on Arcserve?

Standardizing on the Arcserve stack will have tremendous impact on service desk efficiencies and ultimately the profitability of the business. Our solutions are built especially for MSPs, empowering scale and customer acquisition without having to increase service desk staff at the same rate. With the same set of tools, partners can address multiple use cases from physical servers vs. virtual servers to on-premises vs. cloud to disaster recovery (DR) and SaaS protection, etc.

Arcserve’s plug-and-play solutions make it easy to onboard new customers and provision services rapidly, while at the same time allowing help desk engineers to deploy and restore faster and with confidence. Arcserve primes MSPs to run the business at a faster pace—to easily accommodate additional data protection policies and manage at scale with just a few clicks. MSPs can future-proof their businesses with an architecture that enables them to be nimble and flexible, leveraging both microservices and containers.

  • Right-fit for customers of all sizes and levels of complexity
  • Cater to various requirements with flexible platform
  • Address multiple use cases and scale business at faster pace
  • Powerful, differentiated functionality at SMB pricing
Maximize Profits

Drive service desk efficiency and maximize profitability:

  • Lower operating and resource costs
  • Reduce service ticket cycling and escalation
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Optimize automation
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster staff onboarding, training
Maximize Revenue

Eliminate complexity with policy-based workflow automation:

  • Achieve simplicity and speed
  • Focus on differentiated services
  • Accelerate new services delivery
  • Scale quickly as business grows
  • Unify fragmented business processes
  • Customize but automate and simplify

Leave the Struggle Behind

Arcserve is proud to bring to the MSP community truly differentiated, next-generation solutions that empower standardization within the data protection and management category.