ShadowProtect's Recovery Environment

A necessary component for stress-free IT recovery

As any seasoned IT professional knows, disasters happen and business needs change. The Arcserve® Recovery Environment, a critical component of our backup software, gives you the ability to respond fast: back up systems, restore them to different hardware or to virtual machines, or migrate them to new physical or virtual environments.

Use the Recovery Environment in these scenarios:

  • Restoring a system volume that cannot boot on its own

  • Backing up a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation

  • Performing a bare metal restore when old hardware is damaged beyond repair

  • Recovering an accidentally deleted file or folder

  • Restoring an entire data volume

  • Migrating to new hardware or a virtual environment

Choose your own recovery environment

Arcserve offers two recovery environment options:
Recovery Environment CrossPlatform

Protect both Windows and Linux systems with this pre-built recovery environment.

Recovery Environment for Windows

Protect your Windows systems. You’ll download the Recovery Environment Builder, which walks you through the steps to build this recovery environment.


ShadowProtect's Recovery Environment is a component of Arcserve ShadowProtect backup software.

You can download the Recovery Environment CrossPlatform ISO and Recovery Environment Builder after you purchase a user license for ShadowProtect. You will need your ShadowProtect product key to execute the download, and you’ll need to accept the End-User License Agreement.

For Recovery Environment CrossPlatform, you also have the option to contact us to request a CD with the software on it be mailed for a small fee.

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What about ShadowProtect IT Edition?

The Recovery Environment CrossPlatform is integrated into ShadowProtect IT Edition, so you don’t need to download it separately when you buy ShadowProtect IT Edition. However, Recovery Environment for Windows is not included—you have the option to create it by downloading Recovery Environment Builder.

Technical Specifications

Supported operating systems

Both Recovery Environment CrossPlatform and Recovery Environment for Windows work with all the Windows operating systems that ShadowProtect disaster recovery software support.

ShadowProtect supported operating systems

Recovery Environment CrossPlatform works with all the Linux versions that SPX disaster recovery software supports.

Supported Linux versions

Hardware requirements


It’s always a good idea (a best practice) to boot up your Recovery Environment for Windows and test that you have all the drivers necessary.

Additionally, we recommend you download the latest Recovery Environment ISO whenever you download any SPX or ShadowProtect software updates.

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