Dorégrill Continues to Deliver Tasty Roasted Chickens Thanks to Arcserve Data Protection Magic Ingredients

MAY 27TH, 2024

The company’s existing IT Infrastructure system required a daily manual change of their disk drive. This task was further complicated due to government restrictions on travel and the growth of remote working. Dorégrill needed to put a flexible system in place, one that could be managed remotely and would securely protect its 3 TB of data.

“The lockdown shone a spotlight on the limitations of our backup system and forced us into drastic modernisation. We have been placing our trust in K ésys and Arcserve’s solutions for years, and we are delighted now to be able to install a modern system which consolidates our existing infrastructure. It gives us great peace of mind to deal with the ever-increasing threat of ransomware.”
- Paul Bertho, Export Manager, Dorégrill