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Hazte más fuerte con soluciones innovadoras para que los clientes administren, protejan y recuperen los datos

The data growth tsunami is creating management and protection challenges for customers of all sizes. Face these challenges head on with innovative, differentiated solutions designed for cost effectiveness, simplicity, and ease of use.


Oportunidad para adelantarse al crecimiento de los datos

Businesses today generate a massive amount of data (the amount of stored data will exceed 200 zettabytes by 2025), and their data management and protection requirements are increasing year-on-year. VARs have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this explosive growth and deliver forward-thinking solutions with innovation, price sensitivity, and simplicity at their core.

Soluciona los desafíos empresariales relacionados con datos de tus clientes

Obtén el control de los datos no estructurados

Analysts estimate 80 percent of data is, or will soon be, unstructured data and that it represents most of today’s data explosion. Unstructured data can create a complex management conundrum and requires implementing robust protection and recovery solutions.

Minimiza el tiempo de inactividad

Ensuring data is backed up and quickly recoverable with minimal disruption is critical to keeping businesses productive. Even as data sets grow, companies need to have complete peace of mind that downtime won’t be a regular occurrence impacting their bottom lines.

Protege lo que no tiene precio

Cyberattack prevention tactics are essential—but not enough. Businesses need to restore critical business data and return to normal operations swiftly. With Arcserve, you get both a first and a last line of defense against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats.

Soluciones diferenciadas para cumplir con las necesidades de los clientes de hoy en día

Combate el ransomware moderno
Cierre rápido para aumentar los ingresos
Diferencia tu oferta
Sé el proveedor de soluciones preferido

Combate el ransomware moderno

Businesses have more data to manage and protect, and the stakes have never been higher: Ransomware attacks on businesses now occur roughly every 11 seconds, and costs for rectifying an attack now average US$1.85 million. The Arcserve technology stack is key to any ransomware defense strategy.

  • Consigue ir un paso por delante de las amenazas con tecnología innovadora
  • Asegúrate de que puedes crear defensa multimodal frente al ransomware para los clientes
  • Ofrece una solución completa que incluya defensa desde primera hasta última línea
  • Asegúrate de que ofreces la recuperación más rápida del sector

Cierre rápido para aumentar los ingresos

We’ve been working with VARs across the globe for nearly four decades now. We know just how important quotas and targets are. With the Arcserve partner program, you’ll get access to marketing development funds (MDFs), as well as additional resources, all developed with your business in mind and designed to help you hit your targets quicker.

  • Gana negocios nuevos con soluciones fáciles y flexibles
  • Retén a los clientes clave con productos adecuados
  • Expande tu alcance con soluciones innovadoras de extremo a extremo
  • Conviértete en el proveedor de soluciones preferido por los clientes de medianas y grandes empresas

Diferencia tu oferta

At Arcserve, we’ve created a solutions platform with components that span the data protection, backup and recovery, and business continuity categories. This allows you to not only solve business challenges for your customers in the face of the data growth phenomenon, but to also differentiate and optimize your product resale and professional services business while doing so.

  • Afronta el desafío del crecimiento de los datos con soluciones integrales
  • Ofrece una plataforma de soluciones a clientes nuevos y existentes
  • Diferencia tu oferta frente a una competencia sin precedentes
  • Optimiza tu negocio de reventa de productos

Sé el proveedor de soluciones preferido

Arcserve offers VARs a single source of data protection and business continuity solutions, from on-premises to the cloud and everything in between. This means a right-fit solution for all your customers, regardless of size, vertical, requirements, or complexity.

  • Accede al conjunto más amplias de las mejores soluciones
  • Expande tu alcance con productos ganadores de premios
  • Ten la seguridad de la fiabilidad y la facilidad de uso
  • Sé el asesor de confianza que tus clientes necesitan, ahora y en el futuro

Elige entre las soluciones de administración y protección de datos líderes del mercado

Defend against ransomware and solve data storage challenges with our best-in-class set of products and solutions developed specifically with VARs and project-based solution providers in mind.

Arcserve OneXafe

  • Scale-out, immutable storage
  • Instant data recovery
  • Inline deduplication
  • Unstructured data and backup targets

Arcserve UDP

  • Complete backup and disaster recovery, integrated cybersecurity
  • Ideal for midmarket and enterprise customers
  • Built-in deduplication
  • For cloud, virtual, and physical workloads

Arcserve ShadowXafe

  • Next-gen data protection software
  • Agent-based and agentless protection
  • Built for highly virtualized environments
  • Scales easily to protect larger workloads

Arcserve Continuous Availability

  • Asynchronous, real-time protection
  • Ideal for the always-on organization
  • Heartbeat powered automatic failover
  • Prevents downtime and data loss

Arcserve Backup

  • Comprehensive, enterprise-grade 
  • Ideal for high-capacity storage 
  • Powerful, efficient tape backup software
  • Back up to tape, disk, and cloud

Arcserve N Series

  • Hyperconverged data protection 
  • Powered by Nutanix 
  • Secured by Sophos 
  • All-in-one backup and recovery appliance 

Arcserve 9000 Series

  • All-in-one appliance
  • Backup, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery
  • Application availability
  • Prevent ransomware and protect from data loss

Arcserve X Series

  • All-in-one appliance 
  • Enterprise backup, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery 
  • Multi-petabyte scalability
  • Hyper-efficient deduplication 

Arcserve Cloud Hybrid

  • Fully integrated extension to Arcserve data protection software and appliances 
  • Cost-efficient alternative to local disks or tapes 
  • Cloud backup, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery  
  • Secured by Sophos 

Arcserve Cloud Direct

  • Direct-to-cloud 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 
  • Scalable and flexible 
  • No need for local hardware

Arcserve Cloud Console

  • Unified, web-based management interface 
  • Easily scale data protection processes 
  • Seamless user experience 
  • Protects the business from anywhere 

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Nexsys elige Arcserve UDP para garantizar la continuidad de negocio

Nexsys, the first value-added wholesaler of IT solutions in Latin America, needed a solution that would provide full coverage for its global clients, while also ensuring quality, service, and support. “Arcserve offered just what we neededsimplicity, adaptability, and a cross-functional approach.”

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