Arcserve Names Five Predictions That Will Change Data Protection in 2017

Disaster recovery moves to the boardroom and cybercriminals meet a new challenger

MINNEAPOLIS – December 15, 2016 – The data protection market is undergoing a fundamental shift, as organizations re-assess how to mitigate security challenges, control unplanned outage costs and reduce the complexity of their backup IT infrastructures.

Arcserve, LLC, the first provider of simple, unified data protection for cloud, virtual and physical environments, makes its 2017 data backup and availability predictions and explores their impact in the year ahead:

  1. IT Teams Embrace Consolidation: IT teams are rapidly changing and becoming smaller, yet are tasked with managing various types of data across new and legacy systems. Because of this, organizations will adopt consolidated solutions to simplify data protection and drive down overhead costs. The emergence of comprehensive data protection solutions that protect to and from any target reinforces this trend, and underscores the notion that deploying a variety of loosely integrated niche solutions is a relic of the past.

  2. DraaS Takes Center Stage: While virtualization continues to dominate IT infrastructures, more organizations will introduce a cloud component to their tape or disk-based disaster recovery strategies. Advancements in technology have made cloud storage and higher bandwidth speeds more affordable, spurring IT leaders to make the leap from an on-premise disaster recovery solution to a hybrid infrastructure that includes physical and service-based offerings, such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). In response, IT resellers and service providers will add a speciality cloud service offering to meet rising customer demand and boost margins.

  3. Ransomware: From Security to Recovery: Security software has long been the leading method to combat cybercriminal activity, and while preventative measures are certainly still important, more organizations will depend on data protection solutions to thwart ransomware attacks. With consistent backups and advanced capabilities such as data rewind and virtual standby, organizations will realize they can access and restore data in minutes – no ransom payment necessary.

  4. Risk Mitigation Determines IT Investments: Unplanned downtime costs will continue to be a focus for IT leaders, as these concerns spread from the enterprise space into the midmarket. In an era where data availability is critical to running a profitable business, IT teams will take a more economic approach to data protection. Using risk management models, organizations will determine the cost of application and data unavailability, which can be quantified by measuring both direct and indirect costs. As a result, they will prioritize their most critical areas of weakness and risk, and allocate investments accordingly.

  5. System Interdependency Drives the Recovery SLA Value Chain: IT systems and applications are almost always intertwined, yet are typically monitored in silos and with different levels of criticality. These factors are exacerbated by shorter RTO and RPO windows, creating tremendous challenges for the teams protecting the entire IT ecosphere. In 2017, IT leaders will gain a better understanding of the extent of their system interdependence, and turn to data protection solutions that cover a wide range of service level agreements while enabling near-zero downtime. Subsequently, organizations will be able to cost-effectively apply the right level of protection to their diverse systems and strengthen the weakest links.

“We’re experiencing a new reality in data protection as organizations struggle with aggressive data growth and increased risk. More midsize businesses are adopting enterprise-level RPOs, yet their IT teams typically have less resources and personnel,” said Christophe Bertrand, Vice President of Product Marketing at Arcserve. “As a result, the market is moving towards consolidation with a service-based approach. In 2017, we expect to see organizations of all sizes leveraging alternative disaster recovery planning techniques, and capitalizing on emerging technologies to reduce the operational cost of backup and recovery.”

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