Arcserve ShadowProtect

Trial for Linux

How to Install and Activate the Trial

  1. Install the Arcserve ShadowProtect® software: see the installation instructions for your Linux version

  2. Launch the ShadowProtect console—it automatically displays the ShadowProtect License Required window

  3. Click on the middle button, "Get Trial Key"

  4. In the web page that opens, enter your contact information, and Arcserve will email you a trial product key

  5. Go back to the License Required window in the ShadowProtect user interface, and click on "Activate License Now"—a Product Activation window will open

    (you can also get to the Product Activation window via the Help drop-down menu)

  6. In the Product Activation window, enter the trial product key you receive via email

  7. Click "Activate" to start the 30-day trial

What to Know About the Trial

  1. The trial version of ShadowProtect for Linux is a free 30-day license. Restoration and functionality is limited to recovering files and folders.

  2. If you want to test restoring a system volume, please enter a valid product key on the Recovery Environment Downloads page

  3. Backup images created during the trial are compatible with the full-priced ShadowProtect software.